• Visual Builder - MyAccount Loyalty Condition now supports hide ancestor if empty
  • Visual Builder - additional validations on item restrictions when paying with Apple Pay / Google Pay
  • Visual Builder - block page container element from being used within an upsell
  • Visual Builder - improve GA4 user data in events
  • Visual Builder - item quantity element has new option to display as a checkbox
  • Visual Builder - new button action to remove add-on item from auto order
  • Visual Builder - new element: MyAccount Auto Order Add-on List
  • Visual Builder - new element: MyAccount Auto Order Modal
  • Visual Builder - new element: order item digital downloads
  • Visual Builder - order item condition added for has digital downloads
  • PayPal Google Pay integration skip the collection of address information when payment is initiated from a completed checkout form
  • Add additional bot user agents when recording page not found 404 for requests
  • Adjust magic link login for Apple Devices which have cookie issues on redirect due to ITP 2.0
  • Allow expiration date out further in the future due to gift cards
  • Fix adjustment of payment method constant on order when customer changes from alternate payment method to credit card.
  • Fix for communications app reloading when moving between StoreFronts
  • Fix to the file manager search close dialog button display
  • New communications step to sunset a customer
  • New feeds file for Google Enhanced conversion (associated with wbraid and gbraid traffic)
  • Start tracking the MTA used to send communications emails since MailGun can be used
  • Updated Share-a-Sale integration


  • Klaviyo - Cleanup existing customer phone number data because they will error out if the update constains non E.164 values.
  • Klaviyo - V2 migration completed. Merchants on V1 should upgrade.
  • ShipStation - channel partner will log credential issues as critical within the integration log
  • SmartyStreets - improve JSON parsing failure error handling
  • - improve integration logs
  • Cerbo - new integration
  • - new integration

Order Management

  • Automatically map PeriShip methods to EasyPost for printing in UltraShip
  • Fix export not containing date for custom fields 8-10
  • Relink customer profile when email changed and auto linking is enabled
  • Support quote requests for customer selectable auto order items
  • New - auto order merge utility
  • New - column to show rebill of order id in view all orders search results
  • New - undelete screen to allow merchants to self service restoring a deleted order


  • Abandon Lead Report now powered by BigQuery
  • Auto Order Attrition Report now powered by BigQuery
  • Reporting - Customer Item Purchase Report does not need to hide city -> country fields for PII restricted users
  • Customer Value Report now powered by BigQuery
  • New BigQuery table for fraud_rules
  • Pack Report now powered by BigQuery
  • increase the allowed size of the Period Sales Report to 100MB


  • Allow EasyPost carrier configuration overrides at the distribution center level
  • Annotate PII permission with a red dot to indicate restrictive in the user editor
  • (alpha) Adult signature required for certain locations on a per item basis


  • Legacy email campaign and auto responder engine decommissioned and fully replaced by StoreFront Communications


  • Venmo - Improve the parsing of name, phone and email for Venmo transactions


  • New API to manage fraud rules