2024 starts with a number of updates to general configurations, the Data Warehouse, Integrations, Item and Order management, the Rest API and throughout StoreFronts.


  • AtData: option to only query for upsells added to optimize integration cost.
  • ActiveCampaign: improve Cloudflare related error handling.
  • PayPal: improve error detail returned for refunds.
  • Veracore: improve integration logs.
  • Iterable: improve validation of send return email time vs abandon time.
  • Stamps.com: Trim zip code to 5 digits for to prevent error.
  • Avalara: adjustment for U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • Walmart: Additional detection for order being manually canceled in their portal.
  • QuickBooks Online: invoice settings for allow online ACH / credit card payment.

Item and Order Management

  • Item Management: fix for really long multimedia file names having their extensions truncated.
  • Item Management: for larger item delete jobs, provide progress updates on the report job.
  • Order Management: GDPR removal will also cancel assocaited auto orders.
  • Order Management: add support for searching by custom fields 8-10.
  • Order Management: adjusts to the storage and processing of analytic hits for UC Analytics.
  • Order Management: fix issue with export where item is excluded for kit filtering if it is no longer configured.
  • Order Management: hide the virtual terminal and other card operations if the credit card information has been truncated.
  • Order Management: improve de-duplication of UTM tracking
  • Order Management: only update the queue transmission record if the user actually changes the ship date to prevent early shipment.
  • Order Management: updated customer profile editor with some additional loyalty ledger functionality.


  • Fix bug with refund request not setting order already shipped flag properly.
  • Fix in cart.settings.payment flag for newer PayPal integration.
  • Improve validation of refund reasons provided for channel partner related orders.
  • New MyAccount method to adjust the date of an auto order to a specific date.
  • Populate the acting by user information as the refunded by user for order refunds.


  • Visual Builder: flex element has an option to show a blocker animation during cart update operations.
  • Visual Builder: new cart item level condition in "checkout item condition" element.
  • Visual Builder: new element "item list facets url"
  • Visual Builder: new element "item list form pending subtotal"
  • Visual Builder: new element "page parent"
  • Visual Builder: option on "item quantity" element to initialize to zero.
  • Visual Builder: when doing validation, if we are in a modal then don't look for a global agree terms element
  • Page Management: filter non-visible pages from page collection attributes unless the merchant is logged in.
  • Communications: updated communications app with additional tag related functionality.


  • Reporting: permission to hide PII information.
  • Coupon App: updated additional tagging support.

Data Warehouse

  • Object Update: Populate the abandon return URL on the cart.checkout object
  • Table Update: Rolling out new table uc_storefront_traffic_logs to select merchants for testing.