• ActiveCampaign - Begin testing update to contact name information
  • Saddle Creek fulfillment - Improvements to integration error handling
  • Avalara - Further address state standardization
  • EasyPost - override logic for third party billing at the distribution center level

Item and Order Management

  • Item Management - inventory history page shows cart allocations
  • Item Management - overhaul of the batch item update tool
  • Order Management - add auto order log message related to removal of WishList Member SKU when a subscription is canceled
  • Order Management - consolidate auto order log messages about notifications to merchant users into a single log record
  • Order Management - improve padding around the user name in transactional merchant notes


  • StoreFront - add duplicate method to the Date object.
  • StoreFront - register item dependency upon use of getAttribute method
  • StoreFronts - fix for item assignments dropping customer url parts
  • StoreFront Communications - fix for back to back wait steps
  • StoreFront Communications - fix for wait step after a rate limiters
  • StoreFront Communications - fix for webhook to HelpGrid to appease Cloudflare
  • StoreFront Communications - improvements to SMS statistics collection
  • StoreFront Communications - read only permission view
  • StoreFront Experiments - fixes to automatically end theme and URL experiments
  • StoreFront Recordings - fix for some event filtering searches
  • StoreFront Upsells - include the storefront offer oid in the offsite upsell URL to improve statistics tracking
  • StoreFront Upsells - read only permission view
  • StoreFront Upsells - updates to the UI
  • StoreFront Visual Builder - "email checkout condition" element similar to "checkout condition"
  • StoreFront Visual Builder - add auto order log when customer updates payment information from MyAccount portal
  • StoreFront Visual Builder - fix TikTok events for add to cart, initiate checkout and add payment info
  • StoreFront Visual Builder - fix to remove dual vaulted card when a customer updates payment information from the MyAccount portal
  • StoreFront Visual Builder - improve item attribute empty detection for page collections with hidden pages
  • StoreFront Visual Builder - item options element new setting to use buttons for (similar to item variations)
  • StoreFront Visual Builder - item review text element support for excerpt
  • StoreFront Visual Builder - item variation element add support for per unit label text
  • StoreFront Visual Builder - menu element won't output href unless the URL is configured.


  • Auto Order - Billing - update billing screen use additional server side locking to prevent duplicate submission
  • Order - Billing - update billing screen use additional server side locking to prevent duplicate submission

General Backend Enhancements

  • Coupons - support tags on 5 more coupon types
  • Affiliate Management - new batch item commission screen
  • BEOE - support for using store credit from the loyalty program with an associated customer profile

Data & Analytics

  • UltraCart Analytics - begin collection of Klaviyo _kx parameter
  • BigQuery - add cloud_url to storefront_pages.multimedia table

Rest API

  • REST API - adjust card expiration validation to allow for up to 2050