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About MSC

 Merchant Service Center succeeds by delivering outstanding performance. We believe in service beyond expectation, achieved through a constant desire to anticipate and fulfill evolving customer needs. The honesty, intelligence and commitment of our people are vital to Merchant Service Center's mission. We share pride in the company and respect each individual's contribution at every level. Exemplary customer relationships drive Merchant Service Center's growth and prosperity. Merchant Service Center is dedicated to pushing the limits of excellence, standing at the forefront to provide the finest and healthiest environments attainable in the industry.

Merchant Service Center


  • Applications
  • Welcome Packs
  • Program Building
  • Downloading & Deployment
  • Customer Statements
  • On Line Customer Service Access
  • www.MerchantServiceCenter.com
  • Continuing Education.


Credit Card Processing


  • National Sales and Service Company
  • Thousands of Merchants Nationwide
  • Direct ISO relationship with Visa and MasterCard
  • Largest Retail M.S.P on the FDMS Omaha Merchant Processing Platform
  • Full Service Support Center to Merchants (Live customer service rep.)
  • 24 Hours 7 Days Week 365 days a Year

Contact MSC

Customer Service: 1-800-320-0000
POS Help Desk: 1-800-320-0000
Authorization Assistance: 1-800-228-1122

Loss Prevention:



1234 S. Cleveland Massillon Rd.
Copley, OH 44321