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First Data Global Gateway e4

The First Data Global Gateway e4℠ Payment Pages solution provides merchants with a non-storing, "hands off" solution that complies completely with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS).

What is it?

This product provides credit card processing through a Global Gateway e4℠ Payment Page. Global Gateway e4℠ Payment Pages eliminate merchant exposure to cardholder data while removing the requirement for SSL certificates. With PCI compliance a critical and mandatory requirement this increases the significance of this facet.

Global Gateway e4℠ Payment Pages can be customized according to merchant user interface requirements. Colors, logos, and wording can be sent to Global Gateway e4℠ in HTML format so the cardholder has the same user interface experience during payment as when they are shopping on the merchant site.

Other configuration options available include:
Receipt notification emails to the cardholder and/or merchant
Customized messaging for receipt emails
As with all Global Gateway e4℠ software, Global Gateway e4℠ Payment Pages include access to all First Data Global Gateway e4℠ Real-time Payment Manager (RPM) functionality such as Virtual Point of Sale and Reports.


The Global Gateway e4 Help Desk
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Website: https://firstdata.zendesk.com/entries/407521-First-Data-Global-Gateway-e4-Payment-Pages-Merchant-Integration-Primer