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Benefits of BluePay

Here at BluePay we consider everyone that works with us as a partner in the mutual success of our businesses. When you partner with BluePay, you gain excellent levels of service and security and we know the payment industry up and down, left to right and front to back. Our ecommerce payment gateways offer cost-based merchant credit card processing services that are quick, safe and simple to integrate with UltraCart. If you need assistance setting up your business whether large or small, our extensive knowledge and experience helps you get the cheapest rates, insuring your save money while securely accepting all major credit cards, debit cards and ACH payments.

One Stop Credit Card Processing Company

BluePay serves merchants in all industries, from start-up website businesses, large corporations, or even nonprofit and religious organizations. You get a safe payment gateway which effectively removes third-party companies. Phone us now and our experienced technicians will discuss your business with you and find a solution for the credit card processing services that best match your business. Then they will go one step further and help you implement these solutions seamlessly into your UltraCart account providing customer support 24/7. Using BluePay, gives you immediate access to all the services and products you need to be a success.

Security and Support You Can Count On

Using BluePay with UltraCart.com assures you that PCI compliance is not only a top priority, but also a requirement. E-theft and E-Fraud are immediate threats that can lead to bankruptcy for businesses and consumers if not actively guarded against. BluePay's incredible range of card processing solutions and safety enhancements comply with PCI DSS standards, meaning that we collaboratively achieve payment security thus keeping your business safe. Count on BluePay for the services, security and support you need to grow and protect your business.

Contact Information

Bluepay, Inc.
184 Shuman Boulevard, Suite 350
Naperville, IL 60563


Sales: sales@bluepay.com - (866) 739-8324
Support:support@bluepay.com - (866) 613-5422