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About TrepStar.com

UltraCart's recent integration of TrepStar.com gives you the competitive advantage in on-demand dvd/cd publication and fulfillment. Their unique way of handling orders from your UltraCart account directly to your end-customer means you are again in the driver's seat. You don't have to purchase a dvd/cd replication system and then spend your night hours copying and filling packages of your product. With TrepStar.com's many; service options, reports, and excellent customer service, you will have less to worry about in day-to-day operations and more time to focus on your business.

You have many choices in getting your on-demand DVD or CD published today. Why choose Trepstar?

TrepStar.com gives you the power to control your On Demand Self-Publishing Service. Here is a typical order from your UltraCart account:

Customer orders CD/DVD from your website and UltraCart.com passes the information to TrepStar.com.
TrepStar.com manufactures the CD/DVD for you when the order is placed
Then TrepStar will custom package and ship to your customer. Their global shipping system means you are unconstrained by geography.


When customers order from your website they get product from TrepStar. It is that easy, simply using your UltraCart account allows them to order product and then get it without you moving a muscle.

No upfront fees

Without any upfront fees, you know from the beginning what services are going to cost you and you can make the great business decision to use TrepStar with your UltraCart ecommerce platform.

Contact Information

E-mail - help@TrepStar.com

Phone - (612) 810-4040

Mail -

TrepStar.com CD/DVD Fulfillment
8852 Aviary Path, Suite 1
Inver Grove, MN 55077