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Global Fulfillment

About Global Fulfillment

Our business is to fully support yours. We specialize in solutions that manage the daily details, giving you the time to build your business. Because every project is unique, our fulfillment services are separated into Projects and Long-Term Programs. UltraCart makes this easy by allowing seamless data flow from your customers to Global.

Projects are one time efforts: print on demand, direct mail, incentive mailings, events, hand assembly or product manufacture. The timelines are shorter with a specific objective. These projects may be repeated weekly, monthly or yearly or, be one time only. UltraCart also allows auto-orders to be pushed from their system to ours so even when you are asleep we are taking care of orders for you.

Long term programs incorporate our web based, scalable system where clients can view inventory, warehouse products, ship just in time and utilize monthly distributions through managed databases. Long term programs may support web based product distributions with daily shipments or delivery of corporate collateral to internal employees', sales representatives or retail vendors, throughout the country or worldwide.

Understanding the business objective and customer needs identifies the best methodology for shipping and distribution of products or materials for long term programs. Our expertise in packaging will provide the best and most cost effective system. Our services include traditional mailings, carton shipments or palletized distributions. Tracking methods and e-mail confirmations are standard with our logistic methods. UltraCart is recommended for all merchants regardless of the size or industry. Since they have been around for 15 years, they have the experience and the stability to service all aspects of online businesses.

Daily, weekly or monthly distributions are structured into our services, controlled by customer and client needs.

Our InfoEze system is easy to use and provides a multitude of information. From inventory management reports to distributions and ordering on-line, your total campaign is available in real-time for your review. InfoEze is a component of every project giving you total control and ease of mind and, a guarantee of the job produced correctly every time. Please follow through these demo instructions for a deeper look into our project management tool and a glimpse of the reports available. To keep both systems in check UltraCart also has a log detailing what is happening in the transfer of information between UltraCart and Global. Giving you peace of mind and total control over your ecommerce and fulfillment platforms is what we do.