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Fosdick Fulfillment

About Fosdick Fulfillment

Over 3 billion packages shipped since 1965 and counting…….

We are the only choice if you are looking to get "Beyond the Pack"

If your Fulfillment/Distribution requirements involve; shipping or processing Direct to Consumer or Business to Business, Fosdick can help. Television Direct Response, E-Commerce, Sweepstakes, Rebates and Print Ads are only a small sample of the Direct to Consumer services you have access to as a Fosdick customer.

Literature Fulfillment, Retail/EDI Processing, and Sampling are perfect samples of our Business to Business offers. Fosdick has warehouses in Wallingford, CT and Reno, NV our bi-coastal access and focus on shipping within 2 days pf 80% of the US's population means you get faster ship times at lower cost to you.

PCIA Compliance, a strict company Code of Ethics, and a Business Continuity Plan puts us at the tope of our class in a leader in the industry. Our corporate esecutive's experience and leadership is unduplicated in the competitive fulfillment industry.

With Space on both coasts - Connecticut and Nevada, Fosdick Can Save You Time and Money

Saving Time

Since most shipments get to the consumers much quicker by utilizing our Bi-Coastal Facilities, there is no need to ship Air anymore using ground will get it there in the same amount of time.

Saving Money

Using Fosdick allows our clients the ability to ship their products from Fosdick locations in Connecticut and Nevada. Since 80% of the US population is within a 2-day shipping time from either warehouse, our systems use cheaper shipping rates but still receive fast delivery times. The intelligence we built into our systems allows us to choose by the shipment which facility to ship it from to get the lowest price and fastest ship times. Our clients regularly save 20% to 40% compared to shipping from just on facility. For money savings guidance please contact Fosdick and speak with our experienced sales team.

Once you've experienced the unparalleled service of using Fosdick and UltraCart, you will wonder why you even considered anyone else.

Contact Information

Fosdick Fulfillment Corporation
26 Barnes Industrial Park Road North
Wallingford, CT 06492


Sales: george@fosdickcorp.com - (800) 759-5558