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2Chads Fulfillment

About 2Chads Fulfillment

Partnering great fulfillment services and a dedicated fulfillment staff allows us to help you grow your business to levels you could only dream about with other systems. Contact us today to realize the cost saving advantages and efficient processing of your orders. We do not promise to have all the answers, but the 2Chads Fulfillment team promises to bring you a solution!

When we manage the Warehouse you eliminate the cost and hassle of running yours Our Online Dashboard gives you immediate access to Reporting A robust Compliance Commitment gives you peace of mind when storms hit Build Reporting and Monitoring modules tailored to your company Fast & Professional Implementation gets you shipping orders fast!

Inventory Management

Quick & Precise Receiving and Turnaround Cycles
Stock Rotation & Inventory Counts
Daily Lot & Expiration Tracking

Inventory Storage

Industry Low Storage Costs
FDA, OSHA & Department Of Health Compliant
Safe and Temperature Consistent Facilities

Online Reporting

Control Inventory Status & Examine Item Activity
See Receiving Notices & Manage Returns
24/7 Access

Pick & Pack Services

Shipment Turnaround in as little as one-day
Quick and Precise Packaging Procedures
Protocols for certifying and testing staff insures consistent quality

Returns Services

Returned Package Services decreases your labor expenses
Consumer Services increases customer happiness
Eliminate in-house Customer Service Costs and out-source to us

Make Informed Decisions

Rapid UltraCart Integration
Dedicated Account Manager
Recurring Orders, B2B, and B2C Support

We view fulfillment as an integral part of both your profit and loss areas of your business. We are interested in building integral relationships with our customers while providing you excellent results. Our part in this is providing service and support well ahead of any other fulfillment or distribution facilities. We do this by eliminating the cost and hassle of managing your own warehouse thus allowing you to concentrate on what really matters… selling your products!