If you have perishable shipping products and you use Fedex, UltraCart has a great integration partner for you called Periship.

What is PeriShip?

PeriShip is a company whose major purpose is the shipping of perishable goods with Fedex. They know the issues that perishable food shipping companies deal with on a day-to-day basis.

PeriShip understands that merchants of perishable goods need a company that can reliably move the Supply Chain forward in a challenging environment. Their specialty is in making sure that there is successful delivery of every package that is shipped.

PeriShip is wholly concentrated on providing your logistical services and nothing else. Their designation as a Non Assets Logistic Provider means they do not have to worry about physical assets; they are only concerned with the appropriate shipping and tracking of your perishable goods. Since they have incredible experience transporting, packaging, tracking, and providing customer service, you will be able to focus on the many other business challenges that are presented and have the peace of mind of knowing your shipping department is being watched.

Perishable means time sensitive!

When your shipment leaves your door, dock, or truck, that is the extent of your interaction with that process until it reaches the customer in most cases. With PeriShip it's different. They know that your packages will encounter many different environments throughout their travels. If they spend too long in a non-climate controlled warehouse in high heat, you may encounter a situation where that package is unusable to your customer upon arrival. PeriShip uses every tool to create an exceptions management and resolution process which is critical to the safe delivery of your packages. PeriShip's proprietary systems insure results which far exceed their customer's expectations. Hear what PeriShip customers have to say: click here

Your PeriShip Team

Everybody likes a winning team and PeriShip's executive team has been winning clients trust for years! They have combined 50 years of experience in the seafood, logistics and IT (Information Technology) fields. People have been shipping perishable foods for centuries, but PeriShip's Exec Team has taken overnight shipping management of perishable food products to a whole new level of service. click here to read more


Your will find PeriShip's services being used by the most discriminating merchants and customers of fine food, including famous chefs, five star establishments, world renowned resorts and casinos, and specialty food markets that offer only the highest quality for their customers. click here to read more


Checkout the list of FAQs from PeriShip about them and their services. click here to read more


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