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PAAY Puts EMV 3DS to Work for You

  • 90% of transactions are authenticated (protected), and 100% are sent through for authorization.
  • The Payy solution is completely frictionless, meaning the authentication happens behind the scenes.
  • Protect purchases made in all card-not-present environments: mobile, web, and phone orders.
  • PAAY's Cloud-Based solution means no more outbound calls. Plus, it’s deployed locally to eliminate lag time.

Getting started couldn’t be easier. PAAY’s 3-D Secure platform and developer documentation makes it easy to install PAAY and monitor transactions. Contact us to sign up now.

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Managing your business

Manage the full life-cycle of your business using our robust departments


One of UltraCart's most powerful features is its robust back office systems. With Departments for Auto Orders, Shipping, Fraud Review, and much more.


Customer Profiles allow your customers to store their information, view past orders, write item reviews, and more.


The UltraCart platform features a variety of robust reports to help you manage your e-commerce business. From complete Sales reports to Item and Customer reports.


Affiliate marketing is one of the most powerful and least expensive ways to promote your brand. With the affiliate doing their own marketing, you'll likely see an increase in sales, as well as awareness of your brand.


Download sales information into QuickBooks automatically with our free UltraBooks software. UltraBooks allows UltraCart merchants to import data directly to QuickBooks™ software.



Having someone else ship your products can be one of the best decisions that you will ever make. It will allow your company to focus on other areas such as product development and marketing.


Our experienced support staff is here to help!

Never outsourced 100% in-house US based support.

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