The Email Autoresponder may be considered either an extension of the normal marketing
campaigns or even a replacement. It ties into the normal marketing campaigns by using
the Email Lists described earlier. However, an Autoresponder differs from a simple
Marketing Campaign with the ability to have multiple emails programmatically delivered
to a customer by providing the following features.


  • Complex Execution Paths – A single campaign can contain multiple steps
    containing complex logic allowing for automatic reactions to customer actions.
    Logic steps provide velocity code to dynamically determine the next steps in a
    campaign, custom pause steps delay for varying time periods. The following
    figure gives a small sample of the power available to an Autoresponder
  • Parameterized, Reusable Email Templates – Define an email template once and
    reuse numerous times within multiple campaigns by change parameters as
  • Emails are sent through your mail server, from you.
  • Email Autoresponder automatically checks your POP3 box for bounces and updates email recipients accordingly.
  • In addition to email lists and manual enrollment, customers may be enrolled in campaign automatically based on these events.
  • o Abandon Cart
    o Purchased Product
    o Auto Order: Decline
    o Auto Order: Credit Card Expiration
    o Auto Order: Cancelled

  • Individual and Group Management of campaign recipients.
  • o Terminating a recipient
    o Restarting a recipient as a particular step o Force a campaign step to execute immediately for a recipient
  • Performance monitoring
  • o Orders are tied to campaigns and steps providing easy to track returns for
    o Daily snapshots of emails sent, bounced, opened, links clicked, opt outs,
    and products ordered
    o Detailed history for every campaign customer.