About GetResponse

GetResponse is an easy-to-use, web-based marketing solution similar to UltraCart.  GetResponse will help you maximize conversions and increase profitability.  GetResponse has had over 500,000 accounts since inception in 1998.  It's a great solution for small businesses, SOHO, and work at home marketers.  Users can:

  • Build lists
  • Deliver HTML enhanced broadcast emails
  • Stay in contact with their subscribers via auto-responders.

They have great support in the form of context help, user guides, FAQS, and video tutorials.  GetResponse also maintains relationships with major ISPs to insure proactive delivery while at the same time preventing spam.

UltraCart Integration

UltraCart has already completed the difficult task of integrating a 3rd party marketing solution via an API.  Simply configure a single page within UltraCart and your customers can automatically populate into your GetResponse lists for further marketing.

Contact Information

Website: http://www.getresponse.com
Implix LLC
702 West Street
Wilmington, 19801 DE, USA
phone: 1-877-EMAIL-GR