UltraCart's XML Post Back feature gives merchants the opportunity to have orders automatically "posted" to their server shortly after the order is placed. Orders will be transmitted in XML (Extensible Markup Language) format. Once received, any number of functions can automatically be performed based on any parameters within the order.

Merchants might consider utilizing the post back function for the following reasons:

  • Automatically receive orders shortly after they are placed.
  • For doing any validation or other processing on their server side.
  • Receive updated order status automatically (optional).


The XML Post Back feature should only be used by advanced merchants with software development skills or with programmers at their disposal. Presently, UltraCart does not provide script templates.

There are two requirements to make the XML Post Back possible. A merchant must:

  • have a web server that supports HTTPS (secure sockets), and
  • create (or have created) a script that will;
  • receive the order (one order per post),
  • perform the desired functions, and
  • send a "return success" code 200 to UltraCart.