QuickBooks and UltraCart and UltraBooks

QuickBooks, the #1 Small Business Accounting Software, and UltraCart, the #1 ecommerce platform, used together can turn your yearly accounting nightmare into a dream. Since UltraCart is "THE" shopping cart with easy QuickBooks integration, you don't have to worry about time consuming double entry. UltraCart provides every UltraCart merchant a free software package called UltraBooks which makes pulling information from UltraCart and pushing it into QuickBooks fast and easy.

UltraBooks simply transfers the information from UltraCart into QuickBooks. To make this happen both Quickbooks and UltraCart have areas that need to be configured so they can work with each other. The UltraCart Reference Manual has a full chapter (Currently Chapter 13 as of 5/6/11) devoted to these relationships and it is a good idea to spend some time there to make sure everything is setup properly.

Since there are so many ways to configure UltraCart and QuickBooks it's a good idea to download the user manual pdf from here: http://www.ultracart.com/help/user-manual/ and then use the search box to find all relevant areas that you want to configure with QuickBooks. As with all things there is a small learning curve involved but remember once you get your systems linked there is very little ongoing maintenance to keep it running smoothly.

As with all things UltraCart, you can call into Free Support anytime to get guidance on how our features work. Alternatively you can hire a member of the UC Pro Services team to work with you to integrate it.