What are Activation Codes?

Activation codes are used for a variety of communication transfers. The most common use here at UltraCart is for Software companies. They use this technology to generate Activation Codes which are specific codes so that they are notified when someone purchases a piece of software. They will then generate a License key which allows the user to open the software, complete their download, or to continue using it when the software trial is over.

How It Works

UltraCart does this by initiating a communication with the software company's servers in an XML request. The software company then generates a code that is sent back to UltraCart. UltraCart will then take that information and pass it back to whichever e-mail the customer used when specifying where to send the code.

The end-user then puts the license key into the proper field and .....voila' their software is now valid.

Additional Uses

Even if you don't sell software, you can make use of the Activation Code API.  For example, if you are selling subscription-based access to an area on your website, you can use the Activation Code API to automatically generate user names & passwords in real time during the checkout process.


Click here to download the documentation in PDF Format.

Click here to download a sample implementation for creating user names & passwords automatically.