Premium Services

Premium services are optional features of UltraCart that merchants can selectively choose to take advantage of. These features are not included in the basic service because their are costs associated with them and it would increase the cost for merchants that do not take advantage of them. These features offer incredible benefit for the price and every merchant should consider how they can take advantage.

Digital Content Delivery

UltraCart makes delivering digital content securely as simple as possible! Merchants upload their content to the UltraCart servers. It is then distributed to a network of download servers. When digital content is purchased by your customers, they can securely download the content from the network of download servers. Each customer receives a unique URL that can not be shared with other people or abused.

UltraCart's digital content delivery system is priced based upon the bandwidth used to deliver the merchandise and the storage associated with the content.

Bandwidth: $0.50/GB transferred

Storage: $0.02/MB/month


UltraCart offers more fulfillment integrations than any other shopping cart software. However there are situations when outsourcing your shipping department can be detrimental to your business. If you have thousands of sku's that are easily confused by fulfillment center employees, if your international shipments mean complicated customs forms, or any other reason, you can use UltraShip to do fulfillment in-house.

UltraCart wrote a piece of software to make sure that you won't lose precious time or money in getting your shipments to your customer quickly and efficiently. You can read more about it here:

The UltraShip software costs a one-time fee of $199 to setup on each workstation. Pricing is $20/month on each workstation that uses UltraShip.

UltraCart E-mail Marketing

UltraCart's integrated e-mail marketing engine allows merchants to deliver professional text and html email messages to their customer base.UltraCart can deliver, record statistics, route replies and provider eporting for each email. It has all the functionality of standalone commercial services like AWeber or iContact in one integrated package with great pricing! Why use another standalone service which has monthly minimums when you can take advantage of an integrated solution.

UltraCart's email marketing system is priced based upon the number of emails sent out. The price per email is $0.0025 (1/4 of a cent).

Google Product Search Data Feed

Google Product Search is Google's search engine for online stores. UltraCart merchant scan take advantage of superior integration with Google Product Search. Simply configure the additional information required by Google Product Search for each item and UltraCart will periodically transmit the information to Google in a the appropriate format and monitor the data transmissions. This saves merchants valuable time by not having to prepare and FTP lots of different files all the time.Froogle integration is priced by how often merchants transmit their information.

Once a Month: $1/month

Once a Week: $3/month

Once a Day: $10/month

Custom SSL Certificates

$7.50 per month for each custom SSL Certificate applied to an UltraCart account. Additionally, you will need to purchase a secure server certificate. We have partnered with InstantSSL to deliver the most cost effective trusted root SSL certificates. You can purchase a 1 year InstantSSL certificate for as little as $59 per year.

Order Retention

UltraCart will retain your order history for one year absolutely FREE. If you would like to retain your order history beyond the free one year, select the option below. Please note that there is a $7/month charge for each additional year of data actually retained. You will receive a monthly email notice 30 days prior to an order that is older than your threshold being deleted. This will provide you an opportunity to adjust your threshold higher if desired.