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The list of freight brokers online is growing, but none can give you the quality you need and point to a flawless track record like Freightquote.com. Since we are the largest, we work extra hard to stay at the top. That means providing you with excellent service, our patented software technology. Shipping with freightquote.com means you have a backbone of professional service people working to insure perfect service. When you have one package or one million packages, the end result is the same your package is treated with the utmost care and expertise. We can handle any type of solution for you; Intermodal, Air Freight, TL (TruckLoad), or LTL (Less Than Truckload).

Want to know who you are working with?

We have been Better Business Bureau certified for years and we continuously rate A+ by our customers. Why look at the guys shipping out of their garage when you can work with a company employing over 1,000 fantastic people to help your company succeed in its shipping goals.

Freightquote.com Online Business Tools.

Sometimes you are moving so fast you may not have an opportunity to call in and talk to your shipping rep. In these cases our Online Business Tools can get you quickly on and offline once your business is completed.

UltraCart has been helping merchants sell online since 1997 and our integration with them pushes us into the #1 freight quoting service on their robust shopping cart.

We have saved hundreds of businesses both time and money over the years and earned ourselves a great reputation in the process. Won't you trust us with your business? We won't disappoint you.

UltraCart Shopping Cart endorsed!

As the endorsed logistics provider for UltraCart, Freightquote.com provides a custom solution for your shipping needs. All you have to do is download the Freightquote.com business tool from UltraCart.com and your customers will instantly have access to competitive industry rates, as well as customized freight solutions for LTL shipping. You'll find UltraCart and Freightquote.com will serve you as true business partners who streamline and simplify your customer's shipping experience. For more information, visit http://www.freightquote.com.