ULTRACART Documentation

UltraCart Catalog: eCommerce Software Made Easy

There are times when an eCommerce software solution must include both product and non-product information in the same site. This can make administration of an eCommerce software platform easier, and allow almost for infinite expansion without increasing administration effort. Ultracart Catalog allows merchants to quickly create and manage an entire eCommerce website, without the need for separate software administration access and interfaces. It also provides an entirely supported solution that can drastically reduce support costs.

Multi-Website Flexibility In One Capable eCommere Software Package

Ultracart Catalog is more than just a pre-formatted eCommerce software approach. It combines the best of both standard, modfiable elements, and a wide range of custom capabilities including:

  • Seemless integration between eCommerce shopping cart and product information part of site. This allows, total inclusion of all product and related information on one fully supported, hosted website. Or, one can place product information plus shopping cart on one website, and other content on a separate site.
  • Totally configurable templates allowing you to use elements from existing website layouts in the catalog to create a consistent graphic look and feel (For example, you can use same background theme for product and non product pages such as "contact us" for user consistency without the need for expensive or difficult to use third party web page editing software)
  • A rich collection of more than 30 pre-formed objects which allow you to do everything from setup and track affiliates, to display content from other sites like video sharing (These include the latest needs of eCommerc software users such as social bookmark insertion links and a fully setup blog)
  • Includes access to UltraCart Reviews, an eCommere software engine which allows inclusion of customer reviews to boost search engine optimization and help convince people to purchase
  • Graphic file consolidation for faster downloads
  • One step enablement of Google Analytics, plus integrates with a variety of other eCommerce analytics software and tools like Webalizer or Webtrends
  • No need to use complex FTP programs for simple eCommerce software file uploads since this function is included in our page editor; however FTP can still be used for large groups of files such as graphics and non-changing reference text