ULTRACART Documentation

Memo To The Top Shopping Carts: Make Your Web Based Administration As Good As UltraCart's

It's no secret that the top shopping carts have the the easiest and most comprehensive administration tools. As one of the first web based shopping carts, UltraCart's top priority has been to make our shopping cart both easy to use, and feature and function rich to be able to work with all levels, sizes and types of eCommerce shopping sites.

There are no files to download and no database connections to make. UltraCart provides instant, easy and dependable access to all of your shopping cart functions. Plus we offer top level security and user permissions so you can control who in your organization has access to virtually every function, item by item to prevent accidental or unauthorized changes. And it's fully integrated. Just one place to view or change everything. Just what you'd expect from the top shopping cart operating on the web today.

Reasons Our Shopping Cart Is Still On Top

To be able to quickly and dependably get your store setup and running, UltraCart's online shopping cart keeps the users most needed functions on top, for easy administration. Some of the high level administrative areas include:

  • Checkout Process Control
  • Shopping Cart Look & Feel Configuration
  • Back Office Functions
  • Administering Channel Partners
  • Order Management
  • Payment Processing (i.e. PayPal)
  • Individual Item Management
  • Marketing
  • Auctions
  • Affiliate Management
And more...

From these main top shopping cart administration areas, you can quickly and easily drill down to a myriad of easy to configure options.

For instance, just under the category of "Order Management," UltraCart allows you intimate control over top shopping cart functions like accounts receivable order details and processing including the ability to print packing slips and even draft checks. It provides high levels of management in areas such as order editing, setting up automatic or repeat orders and pre-orders for those who are still awaiting approval or payment.

Nearly every top shopping cart function is this complete and straightforward for the UltraCart user.