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A Shopping Cart Host That Offers The Most

A hosted shopping cart not only provides the website services for your shopping cart, but also all software and support services to keep the cart operating. But choosing a shopping cart host is more than selecting a group of features. A good shopping cart host can lower the time involved, the risks and the costs of operating a shopping cart. This is as opposed to installing and supporting your own software on the same or other web services or shopping cart hosts. Self-installed and supported (or licensed) shopping carts can sometimes appear to cost less initially, but those costs will be incurred in some form (time or money) whether the choice is a licensed or hosted shopping cart.

The eCommerce Hosted Shopping Cart Checklist: 5 Things You Must Have

With such a mission-critical part of your online shopping business, the merchant must evalute the wisdom of learning and providing the 24/7 support required to ensure that no sales are lost due to shopping cart problems. Having been in operation for nearly 15 years, UltraCart has one of the most well developed software, server host infrastructure and support efforts available. Here are just some of the values you get with Ultracart as your shopping cart host:

  • Tremendous value. With monthly programs starting at just $49.95, the package you get at this low monthly fee provides everything you need to get going and keep going with no extra costs.
  • Flexibility. Many hosted shopping carts (and even licensed ones) often have a fairly small set of features and options, whereas Ultracart has literally hundreds of methods of customizing and tailoring it to suit your needs. From both standard or supplied templates to highly customized ones, a rich set of pre-configured objects to control everything from payment methods to social bookmarking tie ins - even more integrations to fullfillment and accounting sources than others provide.
  • Advanced tools. These shopping cart host aids include support for affiliate marketing, email marketing (including auto responders), increasing conversions by optimizing landing pages, different pricing models (including auctions) and even different types of products such as digital media sales.
  • Scalability and growth. Moving from one hosted shopping cart to another can be a painful process. Ultracart has been specifically designed to avoid having to make a change since it can be deployed simply and quickly, but also has "bulk management" approaches built in to accomodate almost unlimited growth. Ultracart is the shopping cart host host of choice for some of the largest merchants on the web.
  • Time to deploy. Ultracart's famous "start selling in 5 minutes" setup is more than a claim, it's a fact. With configuring just one page of options, you can be in the online shopping business. In working with a typical shopping cart host, that's operating at light speed. Plus if you choose the Ultracart catalog option, that quick start up can extend to your entire website.
  • Security. Becuase Ultracart has been designed by and for high end eCommece shopping cart installations, it has security validations for virtually every line of code. We integrate each wave of industry standards including PCI/CISP. We offer seemless SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) implementation, but go even beyond the need to maintain secure layers with direct linkages to major payment processors like Paypal, which makes them directly responsible for your payment security. And we help you earn that trust with your customers with us as your shopping cart host by offering quick switches to include major trust services like BuySafe™ and Commodo™.