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Automatic eCommerce Link Generation

Setting up some shopping carts can be difficult, even with tasks that should be simple like creating a "buy link" from your existing website to the shopping cart. Ultracart has a useful eCommerce solution for this with our automated buy link generator. It's a useful tool that allows you to input your eCommerce products list, save and then it creates the correct code for you to paste into the webpage link that lets your customers make their purchases. No complex coding, no chances for errors, just an eCommerce solution that let's you sell more easily.

An eCommerce Solution That Makes Online Shopping Easier

Those engaging in eCommerce want a solution for a common problem: Misdirected buy links, basically sending a purchaser to the wrong product, or worse yet to a dreaded "404 error" or "dead link." The issue is when buy links are associated from the product information page on the website to the eCommerce shopping cart, it is very easy to insert the wrong link, the wrong link code or misdirect the buy link entirely. This common eCommerce error often happens not only on initial eCommerce shopping cart setup, but also during later updates. In fact, poor linking is one of the top reasons for shopping cart abandonment.

As part of Ultrcart's solution for easy eCommerce shopping cart setup, our automatic link generator creates a correct, validated html link with proper product tagging. This is done automatically as you enter your items for sale into the product table within Ultracart. These "Buy Now" HTML snippets (links) are then easily copied and pasted into the information part of your eCommerce website, providing a safe, quick solution to a tasks that can often otherwise take hours of setup and testing to complete.