ULTRACART Documentation

Affiliate marketing is one of the most powerful, and least expensive, ways to promote
your product or service. With the affiliate doing their own marketing, you'll likely see an
increase in both the number of sales received, as well as awareness of your brand.

Our system was not designed in a vacuum. We've worked with some of the net's largest
affiliate managers, as well as some of the largest affiliates, to create a system designed
from the ground up with your needs in mind.

Affiliate Program Preview

Here is a quick preview of our program and what it has to offer

Configure your Creatives

A creative is something that the merchant is going to use to help market
his/her products. This can be a text link, a graphic, a banner ad, etc. that will
eventually be used on your affiliate's web site. These creatives provide some
control over how your affiliate promotes your products on their sites. The
Creatives you build will be displayed to the affiliate when they log on and
create their links.

Establish Commissions

You will have full control to determine what you'll pay your affiliates either in
percentage or dollar amounts. You can determine if you want to use Global
and/or Individual Item commissions. Many merchants use both. 

Manage Affiliates & Types

There is an easy to use interface that merchants can use to make manual
ledger entries, edit the affiliate information, and disable an Affiliate. You can
also easily log in as an Affiliate so you can see and manage from the same
dashboard they do.


You will be able to view data for individual affiliates and/or the program as a
whole. You will be able to generate reports to view All Affiliates, View Click
Summary and View Sales Summary. You can export Affiliate information
into a .csv file. The reporting section also provides an interface for you, the
affiliate manager, to process payments and further manage your affiliate