ULTRACART Documentation


In order to take orders online you have to be able to process payments. UltraCart supports a wide variety of payments including credit cards, QuickBooks Merchant Service, PayPal, Google Checkout, Saf-T-Pay, draft checks, electronic checks, money orders, wire transfers, COD, and purchase order. For a merchant to be successful online they need to accept credit card payments from their customers.


New Merchants


For new merchants the most cost effective and functional payment processing solution is QuickBooks Merchant Service (QBMS). QuickBooks Merchant Service will allow you to accept credit cards directly during the checkout process. QuickBooks Merchant Service carries a lower monthly fee than a traditional merchant account as well as competitive transaction fees. For new merchants it definitely makes sense to start out with QuickBooks Merchant Service and then evaluate your payment processing needs as you grow.


Established Merchants


Established merchants typically have a merchant account and payment gateway to process online credit card transactions. UltraCart supports 70+ different payment gateways to allow merchants to select the one that fits their needs the best. Please see our supported gateways for a complete list of supported payment gateways. If you already have a merchant account through your local bank, but do not have an online payment gateway then we recommend contacting QuickBooks Merchant Service. We have worked out a special deal with QuickBooks Merchant Service to have the first two months of setup fees waived on UltraCart merchants that already have a merchant account.


Refund Processing


UltraCart now offers Credit Card Refund capabilities for merchants using compatible payment gateways. There are several options for refunds:
  • Refunds on expired cards will auto increment expiration by three years. This is the most common renewal and is successful about 90% of the time.
  • Void if not settled on full refund: If, during a complete refund attempt, the transaction is less than 24 hours old, UltraCart attempts to void the transaction first in case it has not yet settled out. If the void fails, the normal refund will take place. This increases the likelihood of a successful refund.
  • Refund and reject in a single step: one button click makes it easy for the merchant to perform a complete refund and, if successful, UltraCart will reject the order.
    • Percentage Rotation: rotate Gateways based on traffic percentages (i.e., 20% to gateway A, 40% to gateway B, and so on).
    • Charge Appears As: set the "charge appears on statement as" differently for each gateway.
    • Item Specific Routing: specify a particular gateway that an order should go to if a specified item is present.
  • Chargeback dispute processing system


    Chargeback dispute processing can be a very time consuming task so UltraCart has a chargeback dispute processing workflow. This feature allows merchants to quickly dispute a chargeback in a few simple clicks. UltraCart will even handle the faxing of the chargeback document(s) to the merchant bank.


    Rotating Transaction Gateways


    Rotating transaction gateways allow a merchant to spread credit card transactions across multiple gateways. This also means that credit card inquiries (potential chargebacks) will be spread out as well. Special configurable options:


    Adding PayPal and Google Checkout


    Many merchants already accept credit cards directly through their own merchant account. If you fall in to this category then you should consider adding PayPal and Google Checkout as alternate payment methods. Both of these methods cost about the same as your merchant account, but provide another level of convenience and security to the customer. It's an easy way to inspire confidence in new customers that are making a first time purchase from you.