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Control Over The Affiliate Commission Type And Level, At No Extra Charge

So you've got your new affiliate commission program setup, but exactly what items and when should you pay commission to your affiliates on? Should it be on all products or just some of them? Do you pay if a customer decides to buy again later, and if so, how long in the future should this apply? And do you pay for "downstream" affiliates (affiliates who recruit other affiliates to sell your products)? These are questions you'll likely ask at some point, and the software you use to control the payments of affilliate commissions will need to support the decisions you make.

There are multiple places where an affiliate commission is both reported and controlled including the ability to set commisisons by a number of attributes including setting the same commission levels on all items sold in a store versus setting them differently for each individual item

Afilliate Commissions Software Needs To Give You These Options For Better Control

Even at two levels, creating a multi-tiered affilliate program can mean documenting everything from where the click comes from, to how long a repeat customer took between purchases. UltraCart's affiliate commission management wizard helps you juggle all of these balls without dropping one of them with these convenient features:

    UltraCart supports both global and individual item commissions, and allows you to pay either a percentage or set dollar amounts in affiliate commissions
  • Individual item affiliate commissions over rule global commissions which can be applied directly to the main affiliate and also to any tiers of affiliates under them, should you have a multi-tier affiliate system
  • Affiliate commissions can be paid in a variety of ways including the ability to pay commissions on auto orders, on repeat orders by email, and to pay affiliate commissions on a particular day of the month, and also allow (or even require) payment via PayPal
  • Even more fine tuning on affiliate commission is possible with the affiliate commision adjustment feature which allows you to increase or decrease the overall commission for each individual affiliate in the program
  • A wide range of reports are available to aid affilliate commission management including a very useful completed transactions snapshot that provides all possible types of transactions collated by affiliate and also pre-transaction performance including the affiliate's click through to your website and even the number of impressions that you received from that affiliate (to see how often your products are highlighted in their site)
  • Affiliates can view their commission on their individual dashboard at any time which also includes total earnings, earnings actually paid and the balance remaining, the items which qualified for commissions, how many items were sold or returned and the date of the last affilate commisison payment among other statistics