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Does Your Affiliate Shopping Cart Take The Trouble Out Of Paying Affiliates On Time?

Affiliate marketing is a pretty good deal. They advertise for free and you only pay if a sale occurs. But in return, most affiliates are pretty hard nosed about getting paid on time. That's why UltraCart's affiliate shopping cart features ensure that this happens as painlessly as possible for both parties by automating the process, but also giving the merchant an awful lot of control, starting with how to setup recurring payments.

Affiliate shopping carts often skimp one of the most important features, recurring paytments to affiliates. UltraCart ensures this operation takes place how, where and when the merchant desires by providing flexibility in areas such as paying commissions on auto orders, paying commissions on repeat, how to handle orders by email, what day to pay and allowing or requiring payment via PayPal.

First Rule Of Afilliate Shopping Carts: Make Paying Affiliates Kind To The Merchant

For many of the most valued affiliates, generating a recurring commission base is the key to their survival and success. This revenue not only provides their final profit, but allows them working capital to test the products and promotional approaches they find the best, which in turn makes them valueable for the merchant as their individual site traffic increases. A proper affiliate shopping cart can aid this process by making both physical items and "virtual" items accessbile to the downstream affiliate, and by giving them visibility into the product sale cycle. Here are some ways that UltraCart helps the process through features like recurring affiliate payment:

  • UltraCart's approach to affiliate shopping carts is to let the merchant have oversight where needed, automation where it's not, an example being the option to manually or automatically approve commissions which can be helpful when starting a new affiliate or affiliate program
  • An auto order, as the name implies, is a recurring order placed by a customer, but in effect triggered by the affiliate shopping cart. Obviously these can be very profitable order types since the cost to acquire the customer has already been born (To help incent affiliates to promote these types of orders, UltraCart can be set to pay the affiliate on a recurring basis after payment has been received.)
  • UltraCart's affilate shopping cart takes advantage of the rich email marketing options within UltraCart (such as reactivating abandoned shopping carts, upselling after the sale and periodic cycling through existing and potential customers for increased sale opportunities), and tracks sales that can in turn be paid to affiliates who are often bypassed in gaining credit in sales from this medium because keeping track requires a separate (and often manual) operation
  • Paying commissions from the affiliate section of the shopping cart on a particular day of the month is of course an option that can help cash flow, but also allow time for review of affiliate activity (such as monitoring for fraudulent transactions) before paying the actual commission
  • With PayPal being so ubiquitous in eCommerce, including affiliate shopping cart functions, UltraCart provides the option to either let the merchant choose PayPal as a payment means, or to require it, for instance where the merchant is solely using PayPal for all transactions