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Using An Affiliate's Email List To Reach Their Customers Is The Best Marketing Around, Thanks To UltraCart

Affiliate marketing has its plusses, among them is if your agreement includes access to the affiliate email list. Constructed of past purchasers, a properly maintained affiliate email "submarketing" effort on behalf of your products allows you to leverage the cost that the affiliate has already made in their promotion. However, no one knows your products better than you, so why count on the affiliate to create the messaging needed to make the sale? UltraCart can help by enabling you to create a rich library of proven email templates that you can encourage your affiliates to use.

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Affiliate email template libaries can be quickly constructed in a fully featured shopping cart program like UltraCart. Supporting your affiliates with tested emails that have been proven among your customers lists helps build a good sales relationship, plus gives you access to a very low cost, high efficiency promotional channel.

Make Your Afilliate Email Efforts Work Over Time With These Key Elements

your affiliate email should be flexbile enough to make the change. Here are some areas to look for:

  • Setting up segmented affiliate email distribution, that allows you to create emails by various attributes such as product grouping, pricing, discounts and other profiles to be able to test and compare effectiveness
  • Embed pre configured links into the affiliate email library to avoid the affiliate potentially not creating the proper link back to your site
  • Providing both a recent purchase autoresponder type list that tries to resell via the affiliate email plus a later in cycle list that can be used for promotions, new product introductions and other events
  • Make sure that your affiliate email creative approaches have been tested before sending so as not to waste critical affiliate customer "face time" and to ensure affilate cooperation with later mailings