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Now That Your Affiliate Ecommerce Program Is Up, How's It Doing?

One of the joys of any affiliate ecommerce program is checking in to see how it's doing. This means that you need to see which affiliates are producing, which aren't and deduce why for each situation. The critical part of this is analyzing some basic information including the number of clicks brought your way, sales on top of that and of course the ever present goal of return on investment. With just a few reports offered by UltraCart (or any good affiliate ecommerce software), you can get a pulse on what your program is doing and decide where you need to put more effort, or make some changes in areas like commission levels, marketing support materials, education and item selections for inventory.

affiliate ecommerce
Affiliate ecommerce control and management are based on a few critical reports that UltraCart can provide. These include the basic activity level of an affiliate (such as the clicks that they generate), the actual sales and the level of commission you are paying to receive both.

It's Late In the Month, Do you You Where Your Afilliate eCommerce Effort Is?

Armed with individual affiliate ecommerce performance, you can start seeing who the key performers are and what they have in common. From there, it's a matter of either transforming existing affiliates into the same profile, or recruiting ones that already fit. Here's a list of what you need to review, a task that UltraCart makes a virtual breeze to execute with these reporting functions:

  • Conveniently provides a quick report and also a detailed report listing affiliate Identification Number, E-mail address, Affiliate type and then performance data like the number of unique clicks that the affiliate delivered from their site, the number of actual items sold (count and dollar volume), total commissions for each affiliate for a given period. It will include affiliates that you previously disabled in your affiliate ecommerce program
  • Easily determining which pending payments is at hand with reports that can be fine tuned by finding out affiliate ecommerce program commssions for a particular time period, or by how many days since last payment (to maximize cash flow), or what the minimum amount of commission is due per your agreement affiliate ecommerce s over rule global commissions which can be applied directly to the main affiliate and also to any tiers of affiliates under them, should you have a multi-tier affiliate system
  • Based on the above criteria, you can select particular affiliate ecommerce program member payments to process, after which a confirmation notice is provided including the date of email notices to the affiliate confirming payment
  • And of course if you'd like to export the information and massage it in a third party piece of software like Excel, this is an option with a text file easily made including pertinent affiliate ecommerce information