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Nothing Can Come Out Of Your Affiliate Commission Software Until You Get Links Coming In

This is the internet after all, and no matter what the arrangement (pay per click, commission, begged or bartered), getting your affiliates to link to your products is Job1. And affiliate software for commission and link management is where it all starts and ends. There are dedicated analytics programs like Google Analytics or Visistat that can help you track the traffic once the links are setup, but there's a lot that goes into motivating your affiliates to put up those links, and make sure they do things properly to that customers will feel inclined to click through. UltraCart helps you with all of this by providing you with link creation, management and reporting tools that help you optimize your in-bound affiliate links.

To earn its keep, your affiliate commission software should include robust inbound link management tools like UltraCart's. For example, UltraCart lets you offer three formats for links that can help make your affiliates more comfortable linking to you, plus give you control over how and where the customer is led from the affiliate's site to yours.

Links = Afilliate Commissions = Software You Can Trust

Even at two levels, creating a multi-tiered affilliate program can mean documenting everything from where the click comes from, to how long a repeat customer took between purchases. UltraCart's affiliate commission software management wizard helps you juggle all of these balls without dropping one of them with these convenient features:

  • UltraCart's link portion of it's affiliate software increases commissions by making it easy for your downstream affiliates to assign links to artwork or text; you can then setup controls ahead of time as to where the visitors will go, or if you prefer you can cede that decision to the affiliate - it's your choice
  • If some affiliates have had bad experiences with other merchants and are wary of putting anything on their site that looks like affiliate software (commission or no commision), then UltraCart offers an "invisible link" that masks the affiliate connection to your items
  • What if a customer clicks on the affiliate link, but then decides to purchase via telephone? The UltraCart priority code script which allows these cases to be credited manually so the affiliate commission uses software links to ensure correct payment
  • Storage of the specific terms and conditions you are offering the the downstream affiliate commission software assignee including such items as length of term of payment for subsequent customer purchases, commmisiosn levels for their items and for their downstream affiliates, etc.
  • UltraCart provides test scripts which carry affiliate ID to ensure that the affiliate commisison software is working properly upon setup and
  • periodically throughout the relationship if needed
  • Affiliates can manage their links in one convenient place thorugh the affiliate dashboard, the same place where they get their affiliate commission reports, software updates and downloads, and so much more