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Do You Really Need Special "Affiliate Cart" Software To Manage Multiple Affiliate Tiers?

Multi-tiered affiliate marketing is not for the faint of heart, with the potential for being "bypassed" by affiliates or beign locked into paying "lifetime" commissions depending on your agreements. But the rewards can be large and if you are interested in wading into those waters, UltraCart's "affiliate cart" management section can be a life saver.

How can an affiliate cart management area like this one help manage downstream affiliates? By providing a means to set how many "layers" or tiers you wish to manage and if you need to assign a verified or approved status before adding those affiliates.

Afilliate Cart Management Made Easy

Even at two levels, creating a multi-tiered affilliate program can mean documenting everything from where the click comes from, to how long a repeat customer took between purchases. UltraCart's affiliate cart management wizard helps you juggle all of these balls without dropping one of them with these convenient features:

  • Setting commisions based on tier level for each affiliate in the cart which allows each affiliate access to their own set of reports on resulting commission payments and other performance features
  • Ability to setup commissions for each downstream affiliate based on either a global setting for all items, or setting a different commission level for each item that within the affiliate's cart.
  • Determining how long an affiliate cart item can receive commission based on placement of a cookie in the actual purchaser's web browser
  • Storage of the specific terms and conditions you are offering the the downstream affiliate cart assignee including such items as length of term of payment for subsequent customer purchases, commmisiosn levels for their items and for their downstream affiliates, etc.
  • You can give the affiliate's cart setup the ability to track pay per click (from Google And Yahoo/MSN) information like number of clicks, keyword and ad information and associate it with specific items sold in their stores to help them optimize their sales process
  • UltraCart's affiliate cart section also gives you the ability to pay affiliates on auto orders, plus you can associate an affiliate with a particular customer profile for easier management