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What If We Grow? Choose The Software For eCommerce Now That Supports Unlimited Products Later.

One of the chief complaints we hear about software for eCommerce is how inflexible it is. Although customers say it differently, something about "being trapped" or "not being able to grow." That won't happen with UltraCart. We really mean it when we say we can go from a few items to thousands on the same software platform, without changing how you control everything.

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UltraCart's software for ecommerce grows with you by supporting multiple ways to manage classes and subclasses of products including organization, assignment of discounts by various attributes, related items and items for upselling.

The Last Thing That Should Hold You Back Is Your Software For eCommerce Not Allowing You To Organize Your Products

Here's how it happens. You start with a few items, in a few different categories. Then a new opportunity arises, and you need to add some subgroups. Then you need to provide different discounts to different types of customers, who qualify based on purchases from different groups. Oh, and you add some downstream affiliates, who add levels under themselves, each of which has different pricing. And then you decide to reorganize your related items, and test different combinations of upsell on checkout. And then....well you get the idea that item management can get pretty complex pretty fast - especially if the software you've chosen for eCommere can't do any of this.

The thing about UltraCart, is that we've anticipated these types of situations, because so many of our customers do grow and have needed them. Here are just a few things that our software for eCommerce can do to help you manage an uncertain, but successful, future:

  • Our folder management system allows you to essentially create nearly unlimited files and subfiles, and then provides the tools to move, rename, and delete them without creating a mess. We have a special, fully featured folder editor that helps reorganize without confusing yourself, or worse, your customer (yes customers leave if they can't find things just like in the brick and mortar world).
  • Unlike other software used for ecommerce, UltraCart provides extensive item listings and ways to manage those lists within each folder or grouping. For instance you can view items listed by Item ID, Description, Cost, Buy Link, Dynamic Price and Inventory History. You can also move, copy, add or delete items according to these different characteristics. UltraCart provides an item search tool that can find that one product among thousands in an instant allowing searches by Description, Item Number, Price, Status (active or inactive) and can sort those results alphabetically or by those same search criteria. It even has a "Quick Jump" feature that lets you go right to an item if you know the exact item ID.
  • Item management with UltraCart software for eCommerce goes much deeper though with the ability to add tons of information about that item including extended descriptions, manufacturer profiles, configuration of our native product search engine and more. You can also associate items such as bar code numbers, item images as well as multimedia views of the product (sound, video, animations, etc.), min and max quantities, the actual cost of the goods (not for your customers to see of course) and things like shipping information, the ability to sell digital media and so much more.
  • UltraCart has in depth pricing control, with the ability to establish a mixture of pricing tiers, discounts by certain criteria and even setting certain limits on volumes. There is a special pricing tier tool that allows you to change pricing easily, even with thousands of items.
  • Another way Ultracart's software for eCommerce can grow with you is by making it easier for you to input information directly into the program. These "bulk updates" can take the form of items but also changes such as inventory, images, terms, fulfillment and much more. UltraCart has a rich set of integrations that make working with third parties such as Google, Amazon, eBay and others a snap.