ULTRACART Documentation

Giving Your Customer Options Is A Key Shopping Cart Solution For Higher Sales

Choice characterizes today's consumer experience and being able to bring them many options is an important part of selecting the right online shopping cart solution. With UltraCart, this capability is taken to the max with our ability to set myriads of options that the consumer can select from. This is a great vehicle for increasing customer loyalty, upselling and just plain making sure the sale is completed.

A shopping cart solution ideally should include a means to assign options that occur repeatedly to minimize re-entering and insure that the options are applied uniformly - Ultracart provides a special editor to allow assignment of options like size, color, finish, order physical media (i.e. CD) etc. to one or many items with a few clicks

When setting up how to handle item options for your shopping cart, a solution is to be able to configure them at all levels from individual items, to groups to store wide, without having to reinput them item by item. UltraCart offers this flexibility through our Options Editor which provides:

  • The ability to assign options irrespective of the acutal part number of SKU, keeping shopping cart part numbering systems from ballooning simply to accomodate item options
  • A solution where that item doesn't quite fit the options in its group to which store-wide options may not apply: the ability to copy store-wide options to an individual item in situations
  • Many ways for the customer to select or specify options including traditional radio buttons and drop downs, but also the ability to comment in free form text or even upload a file (such as a custom logo) directly through the shopping cart to associate it with the order
  • Validation solutions to ensure that the customer has selected an item option, sending an error message and stopping the checkout process until that option has been specified
  • The abilty to assign option codes directly from within Quickbooks, a great solution to ensure that item options are entered correctly and to keep from having to double enter them in both your accounting program and your shopping cart