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Shopping Cart Hosting That Gives Shipping Control Down To The Item Level

When you look for a shopping cart hosting package, think about the times when you need to move from making site-wide changes, to trouble shooting a specific item. That's where UltraCart can really help. Case in point: Item-level shipping control. You'll use it more than you might think. For instance, what happens when your favored shipper can't take a certain box size, or won't deliver to a certain address or post office box? Here's where you just have to break the rules, step in and change shipping instructions. And there are more instances where item-by-item intervention can help.

Want more from your shopping cart hosting service? How about being able to setup special shipping at the item level to take advantage of lower shipping fees, or avoid restrictions for oversized or different types of products?. UltraCart can fine tune shipping settings down to the item level if necessary, while still retaining bulk or store wide settings for the majority of your products.

Our approach to Shopping Cart Hosting Allows You To Ship Just About Anything Without Making An Exception A Hard Thing To Do

Here are just a few things you can do to control your shipping costs, delivery, incentives and more with UltraCart's hosted shopping cart approach:

  • UltraCart allows you tremendous flexibility when you configure your shipping approaches on both an item and store-wide level including how to compute the cost (i.e. real time quotes from shipper, weight, order dollar amount, order size, percent of these and more), any types of restrictions (see next point), insurance options (real time quote, by amount, etc.), estimated delivery (Real-Time, specified number of days, range of days, number of weeks, or range of weeks, etc.), handling charge (flat fee, percentage for mark up,rate for first item and each additional item, residential delivery, hazardous materials fees, minimum order fees) and more
  • The UltraCart shopping cart hosting package offers many configurable shipping restrictions including destination restrictions, payment method restrictions, pricing tier restrictions (if configured), weight restrictions and ship-on-day-of-week restrictions.
  • Even when you set global shipping conditions, UltraCart can be used to override those when certain shipping methods are only valid for certain products. (Let's say you generally sell books or recorded media and want the discounts offered by USPS Media Mail©, which only accepts books and recorded media and a few others. UltraCart can be used to quickly reset shipping conditions for the occaisional item which doesn't meet those USPS Media Mail requirements).
  • UltraCart will also let you change shipping costs to the customer based on the maximum package count, maximum weight, a special notation, a special QuickBooks™ code (if activated), free shipping with optional item weight of a certain threshold, and free shipping if the order subtotal reaches a certain dollar amount or item count all from within your shopping cart hosting control panel
  • UltraCart allows you to use shipping control as an upsell approach by displaying a prompt to the customer letting them know how much more they have to spend in order to obtain free shipping
  • And if you want to change a shipping method by a particular distribution center or fulfillment house, UltraCart can do that (as long as the center supports this feature) - a great way to take advantage of regional shipping cost differences among shippers
  • If you have large or unusually shaped items (for instance, there are companies that sell extension ladders online), UltraCart allows you to use a freight portal like Freightquote.com that provides the lowest rate calculation among a number of shippers simultaneously through their freight quoting system without leaving the UltraCart shopping cart hosting interface
  • Of course most of the above shipping controls are available to change in bulk or with just certain groups of items as you see fit