ULTRACART Documentation

Our Shopping Cart Site Tiered Pricing Can Bring You More Sales

While most consumer shopping cart site sales are smaller orders, there are potentials that arise for larger orders to groups like other retailers, organizations, wholesalers, distributors - even the government. UltraCart's tiered pricing features allows you near complete flexibility over who, what, when and where you decide to provide incentives to groups who can drive sales volume.

Tiered sales options allow you to "cut a deal" to certain large volume buyers, but in ways that often let you reward them without drastically degrading margins from your regular shopping cart site sales. Free shipping, COD orders, couponing, tax exemptions are just a few of the options that UltraCart offers in its tiered pricing module, in addition to finely tuned discounts segmented in many, many ways.

Shopping Carts Site Tiered Pricing Brings Increased Cost Control As Well

In addition to managing inventory levels, pricing, item descriptions, and new or deleted items, UltraCart moves the whole inventory control process along with a host of tools that monitor and balance stock and profitability including:

  • Create different groups of pricing tiers and name them, giving each one a totally different set of characteristics within your shopping cart site if you wish; for example, you can declare a default discount for all tiers and opt in or not for a particular pricing tier group
  • You can configure a special group that can place orders without payment, that must be approved prior to processing , or accept purchase orders which can be manually or automatically approved to allow shipping - even accept orders on a COD basis all from within the same shopping cart site
  • Free shipping can be a great enducement for larger group sales and, with Ultracart, you can even assign conditions like minimum order size, minimum subtotal before shipping (or other charges), minimum item count and exemptions from handling charges - even specify a particular shipping method for that particular group
  • If you use Quickbooks©, you can force the orders from a particular pricing tier on the shopping cart site to be tracked separately from other shopping cart site orders
  • You can even layer UltraCart's "mix and match" discounts into tiered pricing so that particular groups can buy from various types, or categories of products and combine them to reach threshold discount levels
  • Special promotions and other shopping cart site-wide options can be included or excluded from tiered pricing groups
  • You can combine pricing tiers with other pricing models like UltraCart's real-time pricing (basically pricing pulled from external source, often used for commodities like precious metals or coins whose prices can change by the minute)