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eCommerce Shopping Carts Don't Typically Talk About Item Personalization Or Customization, But UltraCart Does

Consumers are demanding an ever increasing amount of personalization and customization of the products they buy. But often, eCommerce shopping carts aren't able to support checkout variations like adding logos, inscriptions, names - even your favorite sports team. However, these items not only can make help you make the sale over a competitor, but can also be a rich source of extra per order margin. Here's a good checklist to follow if you ever think you might need to add downstream item/product customization, without increasing processing costs.

Never before has one size fits all been so far away from consumer's minds, so UltraCart has developed a special eCommerce Shopping Cart editor for variable pricing based on product and item dimensions that the customer can customize themselves.

How An eCommerce Shopping Cart Can Make Product Personalization And Customization Easy

he critical part of any customization routine lies in being able to assign the correct pricing to those custom items. These are typically created as additions to the base price, but also can affect the overall order. UltraCart's approach to this often vexing eCommerce shopping cart function is to allow these items to be configured and applied to the product database in a number of ways, for instance:

  • If necessary, product customizations can be simpy added without having to create a new SKU, which keeps the parts numbering system from growing for essentially the same items
  • Item customizations can be defined by a number of aspects including size, color, personalization schemes and can be priced accordingly, for instance by charging for each letter or word when a product is to be inscribed, embroidered, etc.
  • Customers can be allowed to add the personalization directly into the eCommerce shopping cart, for instance writing their name or other personalization, which in turn can be limited to one or many lines of text
  • Your customers can be forced to make a personalization for certain products or conversely, customization can be turned off if a different product is chosen from your eCommerce shopping cart's product database
  • Some merchants create a hidden custom order, not allowing the shopping cart customer to realize that what they are ordering may be a unique eCommerce offering (i.e. not typically stocked), which can also be accomplished by creating a hidden special order code for when you want to have a special option that is NOT shown on the checkout