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Getting Information In And Out Of Web Shopping Carts Doesn't Have To Be Difficult

Updating of web shopping carts can make even the most experienced web merchant shudder, but really it isn't that hard as long as a balance between flexibility and ease of use can be found. UltraCart has worked hard on both ends to provide enough data import options to fit all volume level and product database sizes.

While some web shopping carts restrict importing data to basic inventory adjustments, there's often a need for more flexibility so things like pricing, out-of-stock or outdated items and item replacement or upgrade can be made in a single pass as well.

Needed Web Shopping Cart Tools For Bulk Updating Of Inventory

Keeping inventory levels, pricing, item descriptions, and new or deleted items is an easier, safer and more accurate task with the tools provided by UltraCart's web shopping cart batch item import tool set. With it, you can more easily and accurately make sure your cart is up to date and will not frustrate or mislead your customers into misordering. UltraCart tackles some of the typical cart updating problems with a unique set of tools such as:

  • In addition to the typical basic web shopping cart description fields like item number, description, etc., UltraCart offers a series of of other data updates that can be performed including which distribution center the item has been assigned to, specific stock picking locations within centers, updating of volume discounts for wholesalers, affiliates, etc., and pricing tier updates for special classes or buyers or the same items assigned to different websites, etc.
  • The ability to track and classify the source of the updates to different inventory sources (i.e. from different wholesalers or manufacturers) can be updated selectively
  • Validating items that are in the UltraCart web shopping cart that DON"T exist in the file being imported, giving you the option of deleting or keeping these items to better control your shopping cart profile
  • A unique Item Cleanup Utility that allows you to easily mark and segregate a group of item records in a specific view so you can change them individually, keeping you from having to look through large groups of records or perform special time consuming external or internal sorting and filtering processes
  • Another valuable tool not often found in other web shopping carts is the Inventory Adjustment tool that allows you to adjust inventory levels for your distribution center, particularly useful when an inventory report reveals changes in large numbers of individual items