ULTRACART Documentation


Top reasons for merchants using QuickBooks for their accounting software to use UltraCart's free Ultrabooks software:

  • Interfaces directly with QuickBooks to import your orders from your UltraCart account into QuickBooks!
  • Eliminates duplicate data entry of order data and streamlines your book keeping chores.
  • UltraBooks is FREE!

Supported Versions

  • Windows based editions from 2004-2008, Pro Edition or higher of QuickBooks.
  • Mac users must run the Windows versions of QuickBooks in the Windows emulator.

What Is UltraBooks?

Many online merchants use Intuit's industry leading QuickBooks accounting software to maintain their company books. UltraCart has enhanced support for Merchants using QuickBooks with the addition of our QuickBooks integration tool called UltraBooks allows UltraCart merchants to import and export data directly between

UltraCart and QuickBooks Pro edition or higher windows versions software. There's no need to deal with file formats and data conversion as UltraBooks does it all for you. Merchants simply run UltraBooks and it handles all the communication and importing between UltraCart and QuickBooks.


UltraBooks is an installed Microsoft Windows application that connects up to the central UltraCart system and downloads orders into Intuit's QuickBooks version 2003-2006 (Pro, Premium or better versions). The software is not compatible with Mac, Online, International, or Basic versions of QuickBooks.

For each order that is completed in UltraCart (i.e. marked as shipped), UltraBooks will download the order and enter the customer information and a sales receipt or invoice (depending on the payment method) into your QuickBooks.

What type of data will UltraBooks import?

UltraBooks will create customer profiles for your customers automatically if they do not already exist. After creating the customer profile UltraBooks will create a sales receipt or invoice (for purchase orders payments) for each completed order. Merchants utilizing QuickBooks Merchant Service will also be able to able to have their credit card transaction information downloaded for seamless reconciliation. This features save countless hours of accounting work every single month!

Getting Started

UltraBooks is already included in your UltraCart account! To get started, simply log into your UltraCart account, then navigate to the Configuration section and select UltraBooks to begin the configuration process.