ULTRACART Ecommerce Features

Give Your Customers What They Want

Your Customer's Shopping Experience can mean the difference between a decision to buy and a decision to leave your site and look elsewhere. Why not give them every excuse to continue shopping on your site by using UltraCart's massive feature set!

UltraCart Shopping Cart Management Boxess

UltraCart + PayPal

With UltraCart, you can avoid any tedious API programming or set up. Once you have successfully completed the signup with PayPal, you simply enter the issued API information into UltraCart and you're done. It's that simple! PayPal with your shopping cart...


It's your site so you should be able to choose what kind of checkout experience will work best for your customers. UltraCart offers three distinct checkout possibilities each with their own unique benefits:

Multi-Page Checkout

UltraCart Shopping Cart Management Boxes

Single-Page Checkout

UltraCart Shopping Cart Management Boxes

Javascript Checkout

UltraCart Shopping Cart Management Boxes
  • Embeddable search system to allow customers to locate products quickly in large stores
  • Cart holds item description, part number, quantity, price, and custom options
  • Accepts both billing and shipping addresses
  • Gift message and wrapping paper configuration
  • Configurable customer contact information
  • First line validation measures to assist in validating credit card numbers
  • Calculates proper tax rates based upon customer's state and county. Supports multiple states simultaneously for multi-state companies
  • Incredibly fast real-time shipping cost calculation for Austrailian Post, Canada Post, FedEx, USPS and Watkins with individually configurable markups. UltraCart enables you to take advantages of special USPS pricing on music, books, and magazine products
  • Support for customer profiles makes it easy for repeat customers to place orders
  • Allow customers to automatically reorder products based upon their own schedule
  • Auto order allows customers to select when the merchant can automatically ship them additional products. Great for merchants selling supplements, subscriptions and memberships that require recurring billing!