ULTRACART Ecommerce Features

Order Processing

Shopping Cart Order Processing

Free Quickbooks Integration

UltraCart Shopping Cart Security

UltraCart now features secure integrated credit card payment processing with Intuit QuickBooks Merchant Service, the small business experts!

QuickBooks Merchant Service has teamed up with UltraCart providing you with an easy, streamlined way to accept credit cards. Save time and money by integrating your web store with QuickBooks Merchant Service to offer your customers a premiere one stop shop!

Flexiable & Configurable E-mail Notifications

UltraCart Shopping Cart Email Notifications

Customizable e-mail messages sent to the customer upon product shipment including tracking link. Multiple email notification when orders are received and when payments have been processed. Allows for separate accounting and shipping departments in larger companies.

Custom Packing Slips

Platform independent professional packing slip printing. Customizable to allow printing on your company's letter head, logo, information, etc. Return policy automatically shown to customer on invoice and printed packing slip

UltraCart Shopping Cart Packing Slips

Quick & Easy Order Corrections

UltraCart Shopping Cart Order Corrections

Edit orders to correct the most common errors that customers make.

Chargeback Dispute Processing System

UltraCart Shopping Cart Chargeback Dispute

Chargeback dispute processing can be a very time consuming task so UltraCart has a chargeback dispute processing workflow. This feature allows merchants to quickly dispute a chargeback in a few simple clicks. UltraCart will even handle the faxing of the chargeback document(s) to the merchant bank.

Refund Processing

UltraCart now offers Credit Card Refund capabilities for merchants using compatible payment gateways. There are several options for refunds:

  • Void if not settled on full refund: If, during a complete refund attempt, the transaction is less than 24 hours old, UltraCart attempts to void the transaction first in case it has not yet settled out. If the void fails, the normal refund will take place. This increases the likelihood of a successful refund.
  • Refund and reject in a single step: one button click makes it easy for the merchant to perform a complete refund and, if successful, UltraCart will reject the order.
  • Percentage Rotation: rotate Gateways based on traffic percentages (i.e., 20% to gateway A, 40% to gateway B, and so on).
  • Charge Appears As: set the "charge appears on statement as" differently for each gateway.
  • Item Specific Routing: specify a particular gateway that an order should go to if a specified item is present.

Export order / shipment information to 3rd party applications such as credit card processing or shipping software.

Export your order information in the universal format, XML, for easy import or integration with other systems such as accounting packages

Robust support for third-party fulfillment providers, utilizing industry standards such as HTTP, SMTP, XML and PDF

Route all your orders from sales channels through UltraCart.