Sea Monster Studios Interview

1. Hey Wes, you've been in the industry for a long time how have things changed since you first started doing websites?

Wes - the dollar values have increased substantially…..websites that used to make a few thousand were great stores then, now the demand is for the top performing stores to make hundreds of thousands of dollars per month and the top guys are making millions per month.

2. How has your business changed as well during that time?

With the advent of more customers approaching us for online ecommerce, we have seen the numbers go from just giving someone a website, to now almost everyone needs a shopping cart as well. And since we have been using UltraCart we have a niche in that area as well and it gives us the ability to do pretty much everything.

3. You have chosen to use UltraCart to power the majority of your ecommerce clients. There are a lot of competitors out there, why continue to use UltraCart?

Support, documentation and the peer forums . Just calling into the support line you can actually get a real person that gets on the phone with you to walk through it. We understand so much about how UC works and troubleshoot it for our clients, but knowing that if we run into something we don't recognize to have that backup is a huge benefit. Plus the price/features and values is impressive. When compared to other carts, there isn't anyone that can touch you guys! UltraCart also has PCI Level1 compliance so my clients don't have to get themselves into that nightmare and that is another huge advantage. And those businesses that are trying to run their own custom-made shopping carts and dealing with DOS attack, phishing scams, and just plain hardware and software failure is a major problem that we don't have because we use UC.

4. You have done work for nationally recognized names and also for local organizations. The work you do is always fantastic no matter who you work for, how do you choose which clients to work with?

Well you know this day and age it's become harder and harder to get to choose, so often it's who walks through the door, but also we have to vet whether the client has built a business product and taken the steps to make a real business. When they've established a product that is something to stand behind we feel we can work with them. We have a hard time getting behind a product that we just can't stand behind so we often choose the companies we work for by whether or not we would like and use their products.

5. Since we work with a lot of different developers, designers and marketing companies, we see there are different approaches to projects. How do you begin a project?

We typically begin with an initial interview to determine their personality and focus and then try to establish their brand and identity according to who they are. They will initially start selling to people that are like them so we start with them and get to know them. We need to know their personal ethics behind why they are selling online and how we can help them reach the goals that they've put in front of themselves and us.

6. So out of the many projects you've done when you look back and see what you've done how do you determine success.

Sales on Day One is really important. Since you're building an online store the most important thing is to make a sale. So if we can start making sales right out of the gate then we know we've done our job.

So if we can anticipate how people are going to respond to a company, product mix, and offer, we know that they will be successful right from the start.

Then of course the facebook crowd will chime in to let the company know that what we did "looks pretty" which is when we know that the design job was done well.

7. What tools in UltraCart help you sell your clients on our service?

You guys at UC have UltraBooks, UltraShip and a lot of additional features that when you look at your competitors they just don't have it.

And then the client realize that they are not only saving time and money, but also increasing their sales and business efficiency, its hard to argue. The clients find it easy to use the system and their employees get better at it and then they love it and do a better job than before.

8. If you were to tell someone that is new to UltraCart something you wish someone would have told you when you started, what would that be?

1. Don't be intimidated by the massive feature set that is available. Most of our clients login and see all the bells and whistles and think get that glossy eye'd look. They are afraid if they touch something that it will break the whole system.

Of course there are areas like the Catalog system that we tell them specifically not to touch because that is where we do our work and they could actually mess it up, but on the whole if you change something in UltraCart you can just change it back.

2. You don't necessarily have to understand something to take advantage of it. The UltraCart support team answers questions really well and there is always to help you out.

3. I guess just don't be afraid to test and implement. There is so much in UtlraCart that can increase your business and make your work generally easier that we just want our clients to figure those things out and not be scared to try new things.

9. Anything else you'd like to add before we close?

I'd like to share a little bit of what we do for so many UC merchants.

On both a national and international level we have done everything from

Designing and implementing packaging

Online marketing

Social media campaigns

So beyond designing the original product which is how we have gained national and international exposure, we can also drive the traffic to the ecommerce outlet to drive sales.

We think UltraCart is Badass so we use it under almost every scenario. We 've had great experiences with your Pro Services Team, your Engineering Team, actually we've worked with pretty much every team at UC and so we are very comfortable recommending you to our clients not matter what industry they are in or their specific needs.

And it encourages us all the more because our clients tell us they love UC and so we don't have to worry about our reputation being trashed since a recommendation for UC is always a good one.