Inside UltraCart - Volume 1

Rarely do we take time to go behind the curtain at UltraCart and give you a glimpse into the minds of our staff members.

In order to give them some anonymity, we're not going to name them outright but give them the name of on of their favorite movie characters.

So let's all welcome - Austin Powers

1. How long have you been with UltraCart?

A little over 6 years.

2. What was it like in the beginning?

Crazy, Fun, Cool, Challenging. We were this little group of geeks in the second floor of some real estate building on Main Street in AnyTown, USA. We got in early, stayed late, kept adding more and more tools and features than any other cart in our industry. Our biggest problem was that both the Content Writers and Support Staff were having trouble keeping up with the massive influx of new features... actually we still have that problem. Since there is always something new being added you can always expect to find something new when you login to UC. Actually II hope that doesn't ever change, its fun to be on the edge of new innovations in ecommerce.

3. What is the best part of working at UltraCart?

I think that as we've grown we've continued to keep that small team feeling so that if Support gets a good idea they don't have to pass it up through the ranks, they can just submit it directly to the CEO. Undoubtedly the number of ideas that actually get implemented is miniscule as there is, and will always be, something new to pursue in ecommerce. I'm very excited about some of the big projects that we have been working on for years and are just about to go into Alpha testing.

4. What is the worst part of working at UltraCart?

I guess that worst part is watching people leave UltraCart to find a better solution and then realizing there isn't one and coming back. People have left and built massive and expensive ecommerce platforms on other systems only to find out that its not possible to replicate UltraCart. What they think is a relatively easy software is in reality incredibly complex. Having to see people go through that realization process is difficult. We have tried on a number of occasions to talk merchants out of leaving and cited specific examples of other merchant's experiences. I just think that once someone has the idea that the grass is greener in another platform, its hard to convince them to stay. Kind of like in Inception when Leonardo DiCaprio says that an idea is the most resilient parasite.

5. What is your favorite tool or feature of UltraCart?

I would have to say the Back End Order Entry. It gives merchants great flexibility in inputting a customer's order directly into their UltraCart account. They can change almost everything about an order and still push it into Order Management. For instance if you need to; give a disgruntled customer a deal, push an order in for a wholesale client, use coupon codes, pretty much anything and everything is available in the BEOE.

6. What can you tell new merchants about using UltraCart?

I guess the biggest issue for new merchants is that overwhelm feeling. Since the system is built for both the new merchant who is selling online for the first time, and merchants selling millions of dollars of products/services monthly, it has a lot of options. Seeing all those options for the first time can be intimidating, and there is a little bit of a learning curve which I think comes anytime you try to use a robust software that is new to you. The beauty is that unlike other platforms where you can quickly grow out of their feature set, UltraCart was built with the end in mind. As you grow you realize that UltraCart already has the features you need to make sure your business doesn't make you more busy. We're all busy already, so no one needs a system that makes them busier as they grow. And you can appreciate it more when you realize how the system works for you. Plus we continually add more tools and features so it just gets better with time.