"UltraCart is simply the Best"

Why settle for a cart that requires a Ph.D. to set up and maintain? Or a cart that cannot meet your e-business demands? UltraCart offers the industry's most robust and flexible e-business platform, with setup and maintenance that is a breeze.



Just wanted to let you guys know that CenterForLit.com has been an UltraCart customer for nearly ten years. In all that time, we have had ZERO negative experiences with UltraCart.

All it ever does is exactly what I want and more. I couldn't be happier.

Adam Andrews
The Center for Literary Education

I have been a happy UltraCart client now for 8 months. When I first started my company I knew very little about e-commerce and how I would sell online. I ended up at UltraCart on the suggestion of my first warehouse. From the beginning both tech support and customer service were unbeatable in the patience they showed me as I waded my way through the waters of e-commerce and setting up my company's online infrastructure. I called so frequently that as soon as I said my name, the folks on the other end knew who I was! As time passed and my company grew and my knowledge set with it, I started to look around at other shopping carts, thinking maybe I jumped in too soon and I wasn't getting the best value for my money. I spent a few days researching other shopping carts and saw time and time again, Ultra Cart matched the service. What was more astounding was that Ultra Cart was actually the most affordable as well! I must say the stars aligned with Ultra Cart, the best service and the best rates! Couldn't ask for more.

Dylan Kendall
Dylan Kendall Home

We're a little startup company and just implemented an UltraCart solution a couple months ago. Thanks to a recent story on us in a national magazine, our online retail business has experienced a huge spike in orders the past two weeks. While our UltraCart backend has handled the vast majority of orders flawlessly, several customers have changed their orders after their original purchase, requiring manual intervention to edit their order and payment.

As a new user, I've contacted the UltraCart support team twice in as many days with arcane questions about how to handle these order changes. In both cases, the people I dealt with were knowledgeable, friendly and quite supportive, patiently walking me through the solutions to my questions. In short, both were a huge credit to your company and yet another reason why I would wholeheartedly recommend UltraCart to anyone looking for a fully-featured, mature shopping cart solution.

Please keep up the excellent work.

Kent Lufkin
Raw Materials Design

UltraCart have got integration with Office Autopilot "cracked". People buy via my UltraCart Shopping Cart and the orders get passed seamlessly straight into Office Autopilot, attached to the right contact, and I can trigger actions like welcome emails, access to membership sites and the like.

What that means is that I get to use the robust shopping cart experience of UltraCart - handling multiple currencies, different tax regimes, complex products, a much wider range of merchant gateways - the stuff Office Autopilot can't handle by itself. But then I get to use Office Autopilot's best of breed email marketing system to manage my relationship with my buyers.

The UltraCart folks are, well, "ultra responsive" too. A couple of weeks ago Office Autopilot introduced a new affiliate tracking pixel feature which I tried to implement but failed due to my lack of programming knowledge. Not only did the UltraCart team sort it out for me - they even added options to UltraCart to make it easy for everyone to use the new feature by just setting one field in a form rather than doing all the technical stuff.

To say I'm impressed is a huge understatement.

Ian Brodie

We're all busy trying to get our business systems working, and a great shopping cart (especially one with all the bells and whistles) is a daunting task for most small and large companies. Not anymore, seriously, Ultra Cart has made it possible for us to get out the gate with a truly affordable and scalable solution. They offered us EVERYTHING we needed to create a seamless launch for a new $500 product. Ultra Cart effectively processed 100 orders without a single glitch and their affiliate commission system was so easy to use!!

They have helped us with every single technical question and feature request that we've thrown at them. UltraCart support and the rest of the team have been great!! It's like calling tech support to talk to your friends, they are AWESOME!!

Tristan Truscott
CEO, i-Grasshopper & Satori Method

Its ease of use means no more frustrated customers

Ultra Cart has been great for our customers and us. Its ease of use means no more frustrated customers - they can easily put something in their shopping cart and conmplete the order. It is simple and fast for us to track any information we want or need. It works great with amazon.com and our fulfillment house.

Their support staff is wonderful - both email and phone support are quick responders and work with you until the problem is solved. If you need something that is not provided which is rare, Ultra Cart Configures it quickly and the cost is always reasonable.

We consider them a valuable partner.

Adele Camens,

Sate of The Art Turn Key E-Commerce Solution

We have used several e-commerce solutions over the years but nothing, I mean nothing, has come close to the power, functionality, and customization capabilities of Ultracart. Our online business model is always changing which has required customization to meet our market and processing needs. I don't know of any other company with a more competent and talented staff, willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, than Ultracart. It doesn't matter what programing challenge we've given them, they not only completed it quickly, they delivered far more than originally requested. We consider the team at Ultracart an integral additional business partner that totally understands our market needs.

The cost savings, from an operations perspective alone, are far greater than the investment we've made using Ultracart. We've been able to streamline all customer service functions and revamp our product fulfillment procedures because of the integration capabilities of Ultracart. If your company is looking for a complete, flexible, and state-of-the-art turn key e-commerce solution, with a world-class customer support team, you've found it!

Steve Miles
Syntratech Corporation

Goal: Stable System with excellent customer Support

"Being a small business it is important to get the most value for your dollar. UltraCart delivers that value 24/7. Their product is first class and their support team excels at solving any issue you might have. I would recommend them to any business small or large that needs a robust full service shopping cart at an affordable price. Do not ask yourself if your business can afford it, instead ask yourself if you business can afford "not" to."

Craig Sharry
Texas Pepper Jelly

Goal: Solid Supply Chain Management support

If I have learned anything during my 15 year career in IT is how to recognize a top quality application service provider; UltraCart is one of those few, top quality ASP providers. I was initially drawn to UltraCart due to the combination of their highly rated shopping cart package and their capacity to offer application development. UltraCart undertook the development of our e-commerce website, used the latest in typeface rendering scripts and delivered on time and as quoted. Their applications development team provides top quality and timely service and they are simply exceptional professionals. The most pleasant surprise with UltraCart is the response times I am getting on support requests which range between 30 minutes to 4hrs....frequently including weekends!!! The speed of their servers surpasses my competition and being one year with them I did not have a minute of downtime. Integration with Quickbooks is flawless and their Supply Chain supporting modules (inventory management, order management, e-commerce features) are very well thought off. Overall , UltraCart has been the cornerstone to our business' success.

John Cambiotis
Chief Technology Officer
Antonio Verdi, Words of Love in a COSIMO

Goal: Service and Dependability

UltraCart Team,

My company used many different shopping cart solutions over the years, until UltraCart was recommend to me. Since switching to UltraCart, the service has been top-notch. UltraCart has provided a one stop solution to all my needs, and the service and dependability are the best I've seen. UltraCart provides unparalleled support that allows me to focus my time on running my business.

CJ Montgomery

Goal: Easy to use and great support

Hello UltraCart,

"As my business outgrew PayPal, I quickly needed to upgrade to a full-function shopping cart, and chose UltraCart. Simply put, UltraCart does everything I need it to, and the company has met (if not exceeded) every expectation that they have set. I'd recommend UltraCart to anyone!"

Steve Carr,

Goal: Integration and Automation

Hi Folks,

We have been using UltraCart now for about a month, and I must say this is the smartest move we have made. I can't say enough good things about the support we received during our setup process. Your team worked ceaselessly on getting all the settings correct and our computers set up to use UltraCart and UltraBooks with QuickBooks, WorldShip and Endicia Dazzle. These efforts were an outstanding addition to our business. It has saved us countless hours.

We used to do all manual entry for USPS, UPS and Quickbooks. Now, with the click of a button, all our orders are processed automatically to all three programs, all shipping lables are printed immediately on our Eltron Zebra Printer, all orders entered into QuickBooks, and all of this with nothing more than a few mouse clicks.

And this is not to mention the other benefits, such as accurate Shipping comparative costs for the customer, an "on-site" look with your Screen Branding, and even the automatic processing when a PayPal E-Check clears. It's absolutely amazing! We couldn't have made a smarter business decision.

Robert Krueger


Goal: Replace failing in-house solution

Custom Database Solutions for ecommerce is what companies with too much money and not enough time to do research have developed only to find they don't work right and then they find that UltraCart does it all and more, simpler, cheaper, faster and with better support. At least that was our experience. We spent $7,000 on a custom database solution and after months of shipping and QuickBooks download problems, we scrapped it, took the loss and went with UltraCart. We use UltraCart on 2 of our other sites, but someone in IT got a hair in his nose about wanting a custom dbase and now him and the dbase are both gone.

UltraCart and their support team have been through development of 3 website ecommerce solutions. We are a $7,000,000+ company and growing by the day and volume is no problem for UltraCart and neither is customizations to fit our business model. They instituted certain and quick customizations of the cart to fit what WE needed and they did it FAST. That is something you can't put a price on. One think I like is they don't say they can do something they can't and do everything they say they will do, which is unusual in the world of programming. UltraCart also interacts with QuickBooks like it is an Intuit module, which is a great help with our bookkeeping functions.

We would highly recommend UltraCart as a fully scalable solution and welcome any contact by potential customers for more detail. All I can say is they saved us untold thousands of dollars a year in maintenance and downtime associated costs and we appreciate them.

If you do nothing else right on your website, at least with UltraCart, your customers will be able to order easily and intuitively and that is ultimately what website conversion is all about. Our online orders increased by 75% when we started using UltraCart instead of our other cart because UltraCart is USER FRIENDLY and our other one wasn't, so that meant a lot more phone in orders, which adds to overhead. It's great to see a majority of our customers happily and easily ordering online and we attribute our success online to UltraCart's ease of use, scalability and customization. Bottom line is - don't think, get it. Worry about something else, because your shopping cart will work if it's an Ultra Cart!

Marvin Moore, VP
Industry Development
Commercial Thermal Solutions, Inc.

Goal: Direct answers to questions


I have to tell you this is some of the best support I've ever received. Your answers are direct and you give me the information I'm looking for with every reply. I've worked with Yahoo Shopping cart in the past and it usually took 4 or 5 emails and then they never answered the questions properly.

Your help is much appreciated.

Greg Derbas
CaddyDaddy Golf

Goal: Easy to configure and supports eBay auction payments

Dear Ultra Cart Team,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I am glad I chose Ultra Cart to host my business. I spent countless hours testing out "free" trials of other shopping cart systems and was unable to find one I was happy with. They were either to difficult to configure or were missing important features or the customer service was very poor. Thankfully, I signed up for your "free" trial and was able to end my search for the perfect shopping cart system.

The Ultra Cart was easy to setup and implement. As a matter of fact, the web programmer I decided to use told me I made a great choice selecting ultra cart as it was (in his opinion) the best shopping cart out there.

Everything went together surprisingly smooth and any issues I had or changes I requested were responded to very quickly (often almost instantly). You won't find that level of customer service anywhere else.

In my business, I list a lot of items but they are all unique and once I sell an item I rarely see one like it again. This is not your normal shopping cart business and even though they had never hosted a business like mine, they were able to step-up and adjust their systems to better accommodate my type of business.

Lastly, I sell on eBay a bit and Ultra Cart has a great option to allow me to create a link for my customers that loads all their eBay item information into the Ultra Cart. Some of my eBay customers do not want to bother with creating a Paypal account but want to pay via credit card. They simply follow the link I send them and can check out on the Ultra Cart secure server and pay via my merchant account.

Keep up the great work.

Michael Hoppe

Goal: Integration, real-time freight calculation, and flexibility

I didn't want a hosted shopping cart solution. I was concerned that it wouldn't look professional to have the URL read different than "mydomain.com" when adding items to the basket. Then I saw that some Microsoft divisions sold items that take you from Microsoft.com to.yes a hosted solution with a different domain. I gave UltraCart a shot, and I am so glad I did!

For starters they offered a free fully functional trial, where they would help you get set up. I was surprised to find that my UltraCart salesperson was very helpful, and knowledgeable. I spent hours in emails and phone calls, getting all of the details ironed out (I'm sort of a perfectionist). I was sold in about 2 days. I've been using UltraCart for about 6 months now, and I've never had a problem that wasn't addressed within minutes of calling or emailing.

The main benefits for my company to use UltraCart are:

* Integration - orders transfer to my fulfillment facility via XML automatically, and in real-time. Also, they integrate directly with my existing credit card processor, and Paypal.
* Flexibility - I love the shipping and handling options, it's almost limitless! Also like the direct access to sales receipt pages for implementing conversion tracking code. The screen formatting is totally customizable too - you can map to your style sheet, etc.
* Cost - my company is a discounter of popular board games, so it was important to keep recurring costs low.
* Reliability - I've moved my regular site to 3 different hosts this year before finding a stable one. I'm glad to say that I have never known UltraCart to be down.
* Self Serve - I really like the fact that I can set anything I want, how I want, when I want.
* Reporting - Great order reporting, including sources (fully customizable, which I like). Great tools for financial reconciliations too.

I'm convinced that UltraCart is the most valuable shopping cart system considering the features, customer support, and low cost.

Ken Hunt
Discount Board Games

Goal: Lower Total Cost of Ownership. Increased Functionality.

Dear UltraCart, We would like to thank everyone there for all your work in helping us implement UltraCart with our existing web site. It was so incredibly easy, quick, and cheap!!

We have now been using UltraCart for over two months and it has been working perfect! Our sales have increased (due in a big part to the great placement your have for the of up-sale of additional products); while our customer service inquires regarding checkout problems have all but disappeared.

Prior to finding your company we had spent over $6,500 on a custom-made shopping cart for our personalized books that was so complicated we had to hire our very expensive web developer every time we wanted to make the slightest change. With UltraCart we can now add options and new products very easily and within minutes.

Please feel free to use our testimonial on your web site - you have really earned it and deserve one. We highly recommend your company to any online business. The UltraCart shopping cart and customer service has by far exceeded our expectations.

Jason Kyte
President - When You Were Born


Goal: Excellent Customer Service

I have been working with UltraCart for the past six months and I am ecstatic. It is such a drastic improvement from the system we had before. What I most appreciate about UltraCart is that they listen to what you are asking for and are always working to incorporate customer suggestions into the e-commerce program. It is refreshing to work with a company that truly cares about its customers and their specific needs. Moreover, UltraCart's customer service is second to none.

Emily McHugh
CEO/Creative Director - Casauri
www.casauri.com - Where Style and Technology Click!

Goal: Difficult Shipping Estimation

UltraCart was the 7th shopping cart we tried. The technical and customer support at UltraCart were exemplary. We had custom freight charges using multiple carriers and they were able to customize the shipping functions within the cart to meet our needs. This was very unusual as most carts are what they are and the companies are unwilling or unable to customize their carts to fit OUR needs. UltraCart made their cart what WE needed, did some redesign of our website so it better facilitated the cart and they did all this BEFORE we paid any money. Truly a cart and service worthy of a growing, progressive company like ours. I am certain they will be able to scale their cart as we grow into different industries and our shipping and billing requirements get even more complicated. Billing options were very comprehensive. It really helps our company to be able to take purchase orders online. Save us a phone call, as well as our customers. We are more than satisfied with the UltraCart Company and Product and especially their dedication to providing whatever solution we need. Highly recommended.

Marvin Moore
Commercial Thermal Solutions, Inc.

Goal: Search Engine Page Ranking

After spending several months searching for better solution to our shopping cart, luckily we found UltraCart. With over 40,000 products in our website, it was very important to keep our existing pages and search engine rankings, that we had worked so hard to achieve. No one but UltraCart gave us the ability to do this using a database driven shopping cart. We have never had better customer service from ANY company we have ever dealt with. They were the only solution we could find that gave us the ability to run our site seamlessly with over 40,000 products and keep our existing pages. With features like inventory control, dynamic pricing and bulk item upload, they stay at the top of the industry. I could not possibly list all of the help they have given us to make our store better. Take it from me, you will not find a better shopping cart or customer service anywhere!

Jim Barry
J & M Hunting Supplies and Marine

Goal: Never lose money on shipping charges

"With our old shopping cart, ccnow, we had to guess shipping charges and set them in a very complicated set of configuration screens. We set shipping charges low to avoid burning some customers, but were losing about a hundred dollars a month on undercharged shipping on other customers. For some exotic locations we'd lose more on shipping than we'd make on the product!

UltraCart calculates real shipping charges by itself, and we add a small surcharge to cover our fulfillment house costs. Our customers all pay fairly (i.e., very close to the actual cost of shipping their order), and we're no longer losing money on shipping."

Art Ludwig,
Oasis Design

Goal: Integratable with our other systems

Dear UltraCart:

When it came time to upgrade our old shopping cart program I spent a considerable amount of time evaluating the available options. My criteria were as follows:

1. Easy to integrate into my existing website.
2. Works with my current ISP with which I am very happy with.
3. Works with my current Credit Card Processing system.
4. Supports sophisticated shipping options for domestic and International shipping.
5. Fast and responsive page displays.
6. Tight integration with my database and accounting programs.

Fortunately I found UltraCart, which has met and exceeded all my requirements and expectations. Not only is UltraCart the most feature rich and flexible shopping cart program I found but the technical support made the set up and integration far easier, faster, and less expensive than I had imagined. I would recommend UltraCart to any online business large or small.

Dave Gallo

Goal: Excellent Customer Service

When we switched to UltraCart, we experienced a substantial increase in sales within two months which we attribute to the added capabilities that we obtained by using UltraCart. We've been with UltraCart for over 18 months now; revenue has more than tripled in the past year, and UltraCart continues to provide us with tools that truly make a difference and keep us ahead of our competition. In the hobby business, we often have oversize but light packages and also small heavy ones. With UltraCart, we have the ability to configure not only product weights but also their dimensions so that the shipping amount we charge our customers is very accurate. This is a huge advantage for us!

Hobby Zone

Goal: User Friendly

We just wanted to take a minute to say "Thank You." We have used Ultracart for several clients' Web sites and we are MORE than pleased! Your shopping cart is so user-friendly and so secure. We appreciate the thought and energy you guys put in to this great software. We look forward to using Ultracart time and time again.