Salt Revolution harvests sales with PayPal and UltraCart

This online food marketer wanted to give its customers another payment option. So it added PayPal to UltraCart.

Salt Revolution was born when an American on a family surfing trip in Mexico first tasted the sea salt from a small roadside stand - and decided the whole world needed to experience its flavor. The company's Aztec Sea Salt is harvested at the Cuyutlán Lagoon over a 45-day period each year, sorted and packaged by hand, and shipped to customers around the world. By harvesting in harmony with the local environment and using only natural methods, Salt Revolution produces a unique and unforgettable product.

Building a global customer base

When John Cawrse discovered Mexico's locally harvested sea salt, he knew he'd found a winner. His experience in marketing high-quality natural products online convinced him that people around the world would eagerly order this tasty, nutritious product. So he ran his idea past a business partner - and it was a go. "I'd made a lot of connections with people who regularly market healthy food products to online audiences," Cawrse explains. "Naturally harvested sea salt offers not only an unbeatable flavor, but also important trace minerals that you don't get in common table salt. It's what your body really wants."

After finding a reliable hand-producer in southern Mexico, Cawrse's next challenge was to test his message, story, and price point with several email lists. Encouraged by early sales rates, Cawrse and his partner launched Salt Revolution. Their initial approach was to sell primarily through online affiliates that send traffic to the Salt Revolution website - and they needed a reliable way to process orders. Salt Revolution chose UltraCart as its shopping cart and e-commerce management platform, and immediately began accepting credit card payments for both individual bags of sea salt and auto-delivery subscriptions.

"Our sea salt can be harvested during only 16 weeks of the year, so it's important that we be able to fulfill orders as promptly and accurately as possible," says Cawrse. "Our auto-delivery subscribers get first priority when stock is limited, and we strive to make the customer experience as convenient as possible."

Expanding payment options

After starting out accepting credit card orders only through UltraCart, Salt Revolution wanted to give its customers as many ways as possible to pay. So the budding company implemented PayPal™ Express Checkout. "We had heard that UltraCart had easy integration with PayPal, and that proved to be true," Cawrse recalls. "Adding PayPal to our payment process couldn't have been easier."

Cawrse noticed immediate results. "From the moment we turned on PayPal as a payment option, 30% of our customers chose to pay that way," says Cawrse. "If we didn't have PayPal, I'm certain we wouldn't be making as many sales."

Paying affiliates in two clicks

About 30% of Salt Revolution's customers continue to choose PayPal as their payment method. Just minutes after their payments go through, Cawrse and his team gain access to the funds, and can transfer them to Salt Revolution's bank account. "The fact that UltraCart and PayPal work so well together makes my business much, much easier to run," he says.

Because Salt Revolution's business relies on traffic sent by other online marketers, making prompt payments to affiliates is a must. Cawrse pays affiliates in minutes using PayPal's Mass Pay feature. "PayPal Mass Pay is awesome," he enthuses. "On the fifth of every month, I push one button, and all the affiliate payments I need to make pop up. I push another button, and everyone gets their money. It's that simple."

After years of visiting southern Mexico on surfing trips, Cawrse and his family eventually moved there. But with PayPal, he can run his business from anywhere in the world. "If I didn't have PayPal, it would be a nightmare to accept funds and pay affiliates in U.S. dollars from a foreign country," Cawrse concludes. "PayPal is making my dream life possible."