Interview with Speedwinds CEO - CJ Montgomery

1. At the end of the year you'll be getting your Decennial token for being with UltraCart for 10 years. If you could choose a gift to mark the occasion, what would it be and why?

CJ - A new green Lamborghini but not the crappy LP640, I want something nice.

2. You have the unique position of running multiple UltraCart accounts for different businesses. Are there any insights you can give to business owners that are considering running multiple businesses in a single account or multiple accounts?

I like it because you can compartmentalize. The biggest limitation of running in one account is that you can't do rotating MIDs and you can't section off how to do it. With the low cost of running multiple accounts, I think it's the best way to do it.

3. What areas of your business are you going to focus on moving into 2014?

increasing our usage of the affiliate program and expand into some niche and international areas. We've seen a good increase since we've done international. We can display the currency correctly and multi-language is helping a lot with increase even though we've only touched the surface on those. Mobile checkouts is going to be huge as our traffic is continuing to increase from mobile and we're just moving into mobile specific checkouts. I'd say those were the most successful.

4. You have helped push the strategic development of UltraCart in a number of areas. What would you say has been the most helpful as you've grown your businesses?

Affiliate Management, Rotating Transaction Gateways, Network Affiliate Management and Fraud Protection / BIN Validation

5. You have a forum here to say anything to all of our UltraCart merchants, what would you tell new UC merchants to help them increase their business?

Instead of making the mistake of using multiple external vendors for everything, UltraCart has the ability to do everything you need.

6. Do you use the Auto-Orders system?

Yeah, we utilize it as it's necessary for some of our products; it's a great way to increase consistent revenue, and provide added convenience to customers that want it.

7. What would you say to startups?

Explore all angles of potential traffic and revenue. We spend a great deal of time trying to get people to the sites and then as their needs change so do we. We're always looking for more channels, niches, and market places to grow into. There is no one single source of visitors to your sites that outweighs the potential of having multiple sources that are always being added to.