UltraCart Professional Services

UltraCart Professional Services offers the following for quick integration of your website into the UltraCart platform:

1.  Configuration of items (up to 20)
2.  Configure Shipping
3.  Configure Credit Card Payment
4.  Configure Payment Gateway*
5.  Configure Distribution Center/Fulfillment Center*
6.  Basic Screen Branding*

UltraCart charges a basic $199 to handle this original integration. Subsequent needs outside of the scope of this initial setup can be handled by UltraCart Professional Services for additional fees.

Please contact sales at 209.383.9870 x6104

*Basic Tax Configuration for supported states and feeds, no hand coding of tax tables. Payment Gateway and Distribution Center/Fulfillment Center must already be integrated by UltraCart. Other fees may apply to support an external payment gateway or fulfillment Center. Some advanced elements are not included in basic screen branding like Flash and JavaScript.