UltraCart + SalesForce

UltraCart is pleased to offer two-way integration with the industry leading Sales CRM of Salesforce.com. This allows you to incorporate UltraCart's advanced ecommerce platform into your existing Salesforce.com CRM workflows and processes, as well as communicate events from Salesforce.com to UltraCart. This was made possible through the custom development available in both Salesforce and UltraCart. By partnering these two platforms, the amount of flexibility that your organization will have is almost limitless!

Interested in learning more about SaleForce.com? Go here.

Getting Started

Before you begin the process of integrating your SalesForce.com account with your UltraCart account, you will need the following:

  • An active UltraCart account

  • Salesforce.com Enterprise or Unlimited Account (developer accounts will work for testing, but are not supported by Salesforce.com for production use)

  • The user name, password, and security token for the Salesforce.com user that UltraCart will use to connect to your Salesforce.com instance.

  • Review the Salesforce integration documentation here.

Since SalesForce and UltraCart are both robust and flexible, there are many opportunities to increase the functionality of your sales system. Many merchants are using the platform successfully, and since we add new features in real-time, you will not have to wait for the most recent updates to your system. You may hire our Professional Services Team to help with you integration or to improve your system so that you have what you need to succeed!

SalesForce user fees are $100/month per UltraCart account.

Please contact Sales 209-383-9870, x2 or sales@ultracart.com, to discuss any Pro-Service needs.