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About SecurePay

SecurePay's payments gateway offerings include a complete array of payments processing features and functions that address all of the processing needs of ecommerce and brick and mortar businesses seeking payments processing services. SecurePay's processing and administrative platforms began operation in August of 1997 and have been continually upgraded and improved upon since that time. A subsidiary operating division of Pipeline Data Corporation, today SecurePay supports thousands of merchants nationwide with a wide variety of payments processing solutions – both standard and custom to the needs of our merchants.

SecurePay makes sensible, usable and affordable e-commerce solutions available to any small to mid-size enterprise. This includes retail outlets, publishing companies, delivery services, taxis and limos, charities, craft shows, flea markets, hospitals and clinics, schools and even individuals to name just few.

If you have one product or service offering or thousands SecurePay can help you:

  • sell and distribute your products or services using credit card, check and debit card  processing
  • obtain up-to-date reports about your business…

…all through a plethora of communications and payments-enabling tools tailored to your style of work.

Corporate Offices:

  • 1515 Hancock St.
  • Ste 301 Quincy, MA 02169
  • Voice 800-932-5708
  • Fax 781-843-4515
  • Email sales@securepay.com

Technical Support: