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About CCBill


CCBill has been a payment processor for a long time in the internet space. They currently perform processing for more than 30,000 websites worldwide. Their aggressive fraud protection, risk management, and customer service make this possible. UltraCart has chosen to integrate CCBill into the platform to provide an innovative solution to some of today's toughest e-commerce problems.


Recent Visa/MC changes over the past year have made it almost impossible to have a regular merchant account for free trial/continuity offers. Many businesses using trials found it impossible to locate a merchant bank that would allow this type of transaction processing. It brought this model of doing business to a complete halt. How can a merchant still engage in this profitable business model without jeopardizing their critical payment processing capabilities?


Typically CCBill handles payments for digital products and subscription websites, but more recently has made a push into payments for tangible products. CCBill's unique ability to perform third party payment processing, coupled with their strong risk management, and customer service makes it possible for them to still provide payment processing to this business segment. Merchants can now obtain payment processing for their free trial offers using CCBill while still utilizing their UltraCart account.

How it Works

On the first order, UltraCart hands off the customer's web browser to a hosted payment page during the checkout process. CCBill can customize the look of the hosted payment page to match the look and feel of your website and checkout so it feels seamless to the customer. After the customer completes the payment page on CCBill's side they are shown a CCBill receipt for 3 seconds and then redirected to the UltraCart receipt page. By having the UltraCart receipt page load you're still able to utilize all of your third party affiliate tracking and analytic program conversion pixels.

UltraCart then polls CCBill hourly for changes including rebills, voids, refunds, chargebacks, and cancellations. UltraCart will generate new orders associated with the auto order inside of UltraCart when rebills occur. When any of the other status occur, UltraCart updates the orders to reflect the refunds, voids, etc., as if they occurred from within the UltraCart web interface. This fully integrated flow of information allows you to leverage all the same reporting within UltraCart whether the payment is processed on your standard gateway or CCBill.

Reasons to Use CCBill With UltraCart

  • Proven infrastructure
  • Award winning business
  • Safe for free trial/continuity businesses.
  • Their customer service staff scales as your campaign grows


  • Works along side other primary gateways
  • Seamless integration and hand-offs via regular checkout, JavaScript checkout, or landing page order forms.
  • Support for CCBill dynamic pricing API
  • Single sale items or continuity offers supported
  • Displays UltraCart receipt at the end (firing all conversion pixels as normal)
  • Handles flow of information between CCBill and UltraCart (rebills, payment statuses, shipping confirmation, etc.)
  • Supports third party fulfillment houses (two way integrations only)
  • Supports CCBill provided upsells

See UltraCart/CCBill in Action

You are probably wondering how all this looks in a real world checkout experience. See two live real world examples below:

HCG Activator Free Trial

PurifyBody Cleanse Free Trial<

Getting Started

Vantage Payments helped pioneer the tangible products payment space with CCBill and are experts on setting up accounts. To get started visit their website at:

Vantage Payments
8300 N. Hayden Rd.
Suite# A207
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Office Telephone: 480-609-5730
Fax: 866-316-9993
Email: admin@vantagepayments.com