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  Established in 1989, E-Commerce Exchange is a full service E-Commerce Provider (ECP) who offers complete e-commerce solutions for thousands of businesses.


If you need powerful Internet based software tools that act like a standard authorization terminal in a secure real-time environment, look no further than E-Commerce Exchange Pro.

Since Payment Gateways are a complete secure transaction processing system you can focus on your business and let E-Commerce Exchange Pro and UltraCart handle your online orders. As a merchant, you can easily setup UltraCart with many payment gateways and use them to submit, authorize, capture, and settle credit card transactions without the need for separate transaction terminal or processing software. Credit card transactions are authorized in real-time (immediately upon submitting).

Automated Clearing House (ACH) collections, also known as Electronic Checks, are also supported on some of our gateways as well. With our quick and easy setup you can be accepting credit cards over the Internet in as little as 1-3 days.

Although Payment Gateways were initially built for e-businesses or internet merchants, payment gateways are now catering to needs of retail, mobile, mail order and telephone order merchants as well. Below are some common usage scenarios for payment gateways.
  • Integrated into UltraCart
    Probably the most commonly used method, with your payment gateway integrated directly into UltraCart you only have to configure the payments area with your payment gateway information to allow customers to make payments right on your website. Most of our Payment Gateways are already integrated with UltraCart, but if you desire us to add another one, please contact us.
  • Payment Gateways we offer
    Merchant Partners/QuickCommerce Pro
    Plug'n Pay

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